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Birchbox – March

Oh I can’t wait to share this one with you guys.  My brichbox for March shipped this week, and oh boy is it a good one!!

new camera 123

**Birchbox is a monthly subscription program for beauty products.  You basically get a “sample box” of various products to sample every month.  Visit the website to learn more**

This month I had the option of getting my regular birchbox sample, or I could get the box that was put together in partnership with Teen Vogue.  Now I know I am not a teen, but I do love me some vogue.  Besides I was thinking this would probably be a little fun 🙂  I was so glad for that choice!

new camera 124

So let’s get to the good part…..the box included a coupon card for ModCloth.  That has me super excited.  It is worth 10$ off of a 75$ purchase, not a bad coupon…….

  new camera 125

Twistband hair tie.  New snag free elastics that are actually on the cute side.  I have to be honest and say that this is not the best thing in the box for me.  Mainly because it is difficult to get my hair to stay up in any type of hair tie due to it’s fine texture.  They tend to slide right out unless I use a polyband.  However, I do like the concept of the stylishness.  I have a bad habit of losing my polybands in my purse, so this can easily be worn around the wrist without cutting into the skin, and it looks like a colorful stretch bracelet.  I think this is great for people that do not normally wear their hair up, but need backup on rainy days 🙂

new camera 126

Twirl is the new sent from Kate Spade.  I am always warily excited when I get perfume samples…..does that make sense??  I like to get the samples because it gives me a chance to try them out a few days before purchase, but lets be honest sometimes they are horrible!

It is a fun little scent.  It is a fruity but floral like scent.  Not too strong, but a nice change from my everyday perfumes 🙂

 new camera 127

I can’t wait to try this out!  Kerastase elixir.  It is a “nourishing oil” to add to your hair regimen that helps “hydrate, smooth, and sleekify” your hair.  Hello, excited!!  For a person with color treated hair that is styled nearly daily with hot tools then products are a must, and if any of you are familiar with the Kerastase line then you know it is EX-PEN-SIVE!!

new camera 128

Not we are getting to the fun part 🙂  Essie nail polish.  Let me know you this makes me happy!  It is an actual full size essie bottle.  It is a glittery top coat to put, I know in the picture it looks like a colored polish.  This had a yellowy glitter all through out.  I can’t wait to try this over a very bright summer pink!!

 new camera 129 

AND last but oh so totally not least is the Tarte lipsurgence lip tint!  Now if the polish makes me happy then this just down right makes me ecstatic!!  I have posted before of my love for this product.  I have a darker berry color that I absolutely L-O-V-E.  It is a stain that gives great color, moisturizes lips, and has a minty feel/smell to it, and we all know how I love mint in lip products!!

 new camera 132

Looks just like a giant crayon, haha!  Now this is not a typical color that I would have chosen for myself if I was purchasing in a store, but after trying it I really like it.  It is a fun spring/summer tint.  Totally will be used while out boating this year!

new camera 130

AND… to make it even better – it is a full size product!  Yep, I totally compared it to my other one just to show you.  This little baby sells for a lovely 24$$ in stores.  Hello, I just paid 10$ for this entire box.  Now I call that a great deal 🙂

new camera 131

new camera 131

Just to show you what the color looks like on.  Gives you just enough color for a natural look 🙂

I am totally excited even more than I originally was about this subscription program!  I can’t wait to get more boxes to see what comes next 🙂

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