What’s your magic number?

******warning:  lengthy but I would love your input*****

Did you know that your body frame (small, medium, large) is determined by your wrist size?  I totally did not know that!  According to the net I have a small frame since my wrist is  less than six inches in diameter. 

According to the book written by Portia de Rossi the typical sample size that is provided to sitcom/movie sets would be sizes 4-6.  Shocking!  Why am I shocked?  Because I was thinking that number would be 0-2.  After all so much emphasis is put on being super model stick figure thin!  By the way her book Unbearable Lightness is a great read.  She talks about her struggles with eating disorders/weight. 

Why am I bringing this up today?  Well because I need to lose some extra pounds.  Seriously I do!  According to my BMI/Weight guidelines I am still within the normal range for height/age; however, I am packing around some extra poundage!  I mean we went form Christmas straight into Valentine’s, and let’s face it summer is right around the corner.  I am trying to be realistic about my goals, so I did some research online this weekend.  That is how I came across the above facts.  Some I knew already, some I didn’t.

No matter how much I would love to look like the girl I was at my high school graduation I know that is not realistic.  When you birth two babies that body will never be the same.  Can I get to the number that use to be on the scale?  Probably, since I was pretty close to it a couple of years ago, but it was some hardcore dieting/exercising.  When I first jumped on the eat clean band wagon a few years back I immersed myself in that world.  I purchased the eat clean diet books, joined forums online, logged all my foods, and set up a rigorous six day weekly exercise routine.

Was I healthy and fit?  Fit maybe, healthy I do not believe I was!  You see I was looking at it as an all or nothing world.  That in itself made it a diet.  Which means it was super successful for the several months I followed it closely, but when I started eating other foods, pounds started adding up!  As you know this is typical for any diet. 

My first thought was to go back to the hard core clean eating diet, but let’s face it it is a freaking diet!  It is in the title!!  Now I am not knocking the book or the author.  I love her concepts and her will power.  I think that what she stands for is great – if you want to be a professional body builder model type!  I do not, and honestly unless that is your goal in life I feel that this is just another typical diet to help with weight loss.  Outside of the body building world I do not know a single person that has made the “diet” in this book their lifestyle.   Especially not a girl that lives in Louisiana!

So I had to figure out what is clean eating to me.  Of course I know the whole all things natural, avoid the manufactures boxed foods, etc, etc.  BUT…..sometimes this girl just wants her darn Velveeta shells and cheese!  While I still believe in eating natural foods, healthy cuts of meat, I also  believe in old favorites.  Comfort foods, desserts, etc. 

So here is what “clean eating” is to me:  eating foods as close to nature as possible, but keeping in mind that sugar is a natural product and not a taboo food, enjoy what you eat, eat all things in moderation, and just be happy 🙂

Which lead me to my decision to do calorie counting.  Some people hate it and think it is an absolute waste of time.  Some people live by it.  I know that I would like to lose some weight.  I have a figure in mind, a healthy one, that I would like to reach by the summer.  It is not a drastic weight loss so I feel that maintaining it should be easy enough if I do not deprive myself in order to reach that goal.  Which is why the calorie counting comes in.  This way if I want a cookie then darn it I can have a cookie without feeling guilty!  I can also keep up with calories in/calories out to make sure I am burning enough to reach my goal without drastic measures.  I added the calorie counter to my iphone this weekend so it is at my fingertips wherever I go.  I can’t promise that I will stick to this since I have never tried the whole calorie count thing before. 

all photos are taken from google images

So tell me your thoughts:

1.  Do you feel that the Eat Clean Diet (Tosca Reno) is a diet or lifestyle? 

2.  What is clean eating to you?

3.  How do you feel about calorie counting?


Wish me luck 🙂      


14 thoughts on “What’s your magic number?”

  1. I totally agree with you Helen…I have mixed emotions about Tosca. I believe in her concepts about food, eating natural, but I feel she is still selling a DIET…I think you are on the right track, finding out what works best for you…I am finally getting to that stage in my life, finding out what works best for my body, lifestyle then slowly incorporate them everyday. I feel I am starting over, but I have a mix of things that seems to work for me, like counting calories,eating less meat, smaller portions…Good Luck!!

  2. I’m so with you! I think it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle, not just a one-time-diet. that said, I think there are times when I’m a little more “strict” with my eating, like when I’ve gained a few pounds! I’ve been eating a lot more pizza and french fries than I should be lately… so I’m trying to eat a little extra “clean” these days!

  3. I used the eat clien diet for my diet. I liked the amount of meals in the day and the smaller portions. I agree, the diet is for a body builder style. I have incorporated into my lifestyle because I don’t like to deprive myself. But I did count calories. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t understand what worked for me.

    Good luck Helen!! I know you can do it!

  4. I like a lot of the aspects of the ECD, especially the eat every 2-3 hours thing, but like everything in life and I think there is the potential to take things too far. I agree whole heartedly with focusing on whole grains and food in it’s most natural state, but I also recognize that I’m human and sometimes convenience trumps everything! And like you I have no desire to have a bodybuilder body – in fact, a lot of them scare me! I think it’s great that you have found what works for you and that is the most important thing.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I stick to some of the principles of the diet but follow my belief in happy living as well which includes some indulgences and a mean sweet tooth….lol 🙂

  5. I love that you are always so realistic in your approach to healthy living. Sugar is totally part of a natural lifestyle 🙂 And really, it’s all about finding a way to live that’s sustainable and never indulging isn’t sustainable if you ask me!

  6. Well,

    I have to admit that I follow the EatClean diet and blog about it as you know AND have done it through a injury. I don’t want to trump on your thread but since you did ask, hoping I don’t offend.

    I have lost 96 pounds doing it. So, not sure exactly about what you are saying with the sugar thing, I don’t eat sugar, I use stevia or honey, I still eat tons of food and don’t consider myself on a ‘ diet’ at all. I don’t feel deprived or starved or any of the above and yes, I have failed at EVERY diet known to man before this. When I had my knee surgery and couldn’t work out, I thought that’s it, I am screwed. I had only lost about 30 pounds at that point and that was because I was working it, doing circuit training. Then I blew my knee, and eventually had a total knee replacement, I am 42. I started this journey at 245 pounds, I am now 148 with a goal of 145.

    I have complications with from my knee surgery, I now have frozen shoulder in BOTH shoulders and also chest issues so I don’t work out.

    Does that mean that I don’t have wine or cheese cake occasionally? No, but like you said, I stay ‘ as close to the ground as possible’.

    I followed this eating plan and it has become a way a life for me, so beyond a ‘ diet’ and that I believe is the point? If you consider any eating plan a diet, if you don’t change your life or your head, you will fail, but that is just my opinion. The only reason I started my blog was so many people came to me and wanted to know how I did it, what did I do to loose the weight I did with an injury and I wanted to help others, the first thing I tell them is ‘ it’s not a diet, the second, you have to change your head’.

    I have kept this off, even with date nights, even with the occasional cheese cake, etc because it’s a lifestyle…

    The only thing I have changed is I am now a ‘ sudo’ vegan’! Meaning I am 90 % and once a week I have what I want to have-meaning meat or whatever the case may be. Just because that works for me. And because I have struggled giving up cheese, so I haven’t, but I have cut way back on it. I have given up eggs, milk, and again, only have meat once a week other then fish, which I also have once a week as well, but this is new.

    So, these are my thoughts and what has worked for me, so no offense intended!

    And oh, per my wrist, I am a med frame! My last measurements were 38-30-37, went from an 18 I believe to a 9, though those are a tad big, I don’t want to shop till I loose these last 3 freaking pounds! LOL


    1. I am totally bit offended, and must congratulate you on your accomplishments:). I agree with the principles of the eat clean diet, but it is not a lifestyle to me. Which is why I referenced it as a diet for me, it was used strictly for weight loss purposes. It seems that because I have minimal amount I want to lose it is hard to do so I usually gain back. I know a few people that have made it a lifestyle and think that is great for them, I am not judging. Kind of like the meat debate- I would never talk about a vegetarians choice but I know that I will always be a meat eater…..

      1. ‘I am not totally a bit offended’, oh sorry for that…as I said, I was not trying to offend and I am sorry that I did even partially!

        As I said, this is what has worked for me.

        I as well, don’t judge people if they eat meat, don’t eat meat, vegan, not vegan, Eat Clean, don’t Eat Clean, I think what got me was the ‘ Diet’…yeah, everything is a ‘diet’ if you choose to live that way. I choose to view things as a lifestyle, but that is me and not everyone views life that way, but I am a strange person! 🙂 I just hope that everyone is healthy…

        Yeah, I have done a million ‘ diets’ and gained it all back in my journey, so been there, done that. This was the only thing I could do, stick too, maintain and turn into a lifestyle so, what works for me, may not work for others, we are all different– which is what makes things amazing! 🙂 I just bore easy! LOL

        Like I can’t count calories, doesn’t work for me, but I so admire anyone who can, I just don’t have the patience or dedication so bravo to you! 🙂 I wish you the best of luck with that and look forward to hearing how you do!

        Again, my apologies, was not trying to offend….


      2. Oh no I just read my first response to you and totally didn’t catch the typo, I am so sorry! I meant to say not offended but it reads bit offended! Please forgive I would never be offended by someones input 🙂

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