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Back to Beauty

How was your weekend my friends?  I guess I should ask how was your week actually, seeing as to how I haven’t been posting regularly here lately.  It seems that life is just hectic at the moment.  Work is super busy as usual, and to top things off baseball starts this week.  As if I need another reason not to workout!

On a good note I am acquiring a treadmill this weekend.  That way when it rains, the hubster works late, or any other reason I have to not drive to the gym I can work out at home.  To be honest this is part of my money saving plan.  I am getting the treadmill from my mother which means it is free.  She can’t use hers anymore 😦  So I decided to save my dollars that I normally pay at the gym, buy some hand weights, and start working out at home.  I am not sure how this will go.  I may be renewing that gym membership soon…….

  new camera 060     new camera 071    

On a happier note I had the privilege of spending time with some of the family this weekend.  Saturday I attended a beauty pageant that my niece was in.  This gave me the opportunity to visit with my sister-n-law and my mother.  I enjoyed the afternoon; however, the boys did not!

new camera 066new camera 068

Isn’t she a beauty!

new camera 072new camera 062

Isn’t he a stinker!!

new camera 094new camera 063


new camera 098

new camera 074new camera 080

new camera 076

On Sunday we attended a lunch with the hubster’s family to celebrate his dad & step-mother’s bdays.  I unfortunately do not have pics of the day 😦  I know bad blogger.  In all honesty I was planning to take the camera.  I had several errands to run that morning, and I didn’t want to leave the camera in the car.  So I decided I would take care of all errands, go buy my house to retrieve the camera, and then drive over to my sister-n-laws for the lunch.  Well errands took longer than planned so I didn’t return home for the camera.


10 thoughts on “Back to Beauty”

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. She is so pretty. Loved the dress! My blog had been slim too but I have been busy too. Maybe I can get back on it this week. Love ya

  2. oh what a cutie – I used to watch that show toddlers in tiaras and didn’t know how I felt about it but I think it’s fun!

    and YAY for treadmill. You are going to love having it as an option

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