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Fat Wednesday

No I haven’t mixed my days up.  I do realize that today is Ash Wednesday (as well as WIAW)while yesterday was FAT Tuesday. 

But I am not catholic.  So ash Wednesday doesn’t hold true for me. 

But I do live in Louisiana so FAT Tuesday is totally a part of my world.

BUT…………….all that fattening food has left me feeling fat Wednesday………sigh.

Peas and Crayons

What I Ate (on fat Tuesday) Wednesday.

Breakfast – Wendy’s

Lunch – Stew

Snack – chocolate cake

Snack – oatmeal bar

Dinner – Pizza

Snack – cream filled king cake


and….I am a bad blogger with no photos of any of the food that I ate.  I also have no veggies on that menu….well except a few carrots in the stew and some peppers on the pizza, but I will share some Mardi Gras photos with you 🙂

new camera 059 new camera 051 

 new camera 055 new camera 054

new camera 052

Those are from Kohl’s parade at school last week.  We had a blast throwing goodies to the students! I loved seeing all the little ones dressed up for the parade 🙂

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