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Thank you pinterest

Leave it to Jenn to take a fabulous party, and make it even more exciting!!  I tell you that girl rocks 🙂

I think it is fitting to have a love your veggies month in February.  After all Valentines day treats are killing my thighs….and my but….and my tummy……

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Breakfast was an oatmeal bake topped with pecan butter.  I made a pan of baked oatmeal the night before, giving me two servings, then reheated briefly in the microwave the next morning.  Such a time save! 

I finally made it around to making some more pecan butter the other night.  I am not sure why it took me so long to do this, I love pecan butter!  Of course a mug or two of coffee accompanied my breakfast.  Sorry no veggies were consumed during this meal 😦

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2nd breakfast as I will call it was a lovely banana and water – still no veggies 😦

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Finally I see some green!  Lunch was a favorite combo of mine.  Sandwich & Salad.  In a jar!!  Thanks to pinterest I discovered the best way to pack your salad for work.  Simply put you place your dressing in the bottom, add in items that can sit in dressing such as your tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, etc, then top it off with the lettuce.  The lettuce stays crisp!  You simply pour it into a bowl/plate when you are ready to eat, your salad is dressed, and ready to go.  Freakin genius, I mean really why couldn’t I think of that!!??  Veggies were consumed in this meal 🙂 

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Afternoon pick me up – iced coffee.  No it doesn’t really look like that, but this picture is so much better than my boring coffee mug I keep at school!  No veggies were consumed with this pick me up 😦

blog photos 1036 blog photos 1037 

2nd afternoon pick me up – trail mix & chocolate.  No I didn’t eat all of it.  Though I am tempted!  The trail mix is from Target.  It is their Archer brand – dark chocolate espresso blend – fabulous!  I have tried several different bags and love them all.  Beware it is addictive, as well as the Lindor truffles!  Those came in a little bag for my secret Valentines pal at work!  No veggies were consumed with this pick me up 😦

blog photos 1035

Now don’t go shaking your head an tisking at me!  I know it is ridiculous to need a third snack, but really did you think coffee and chocolate would hold me over.  Um no!  I was so super excited to finally see brown rice cakes at my supermarket.  They totally did not look like brown rice cakes to me.  I was thinking they would be brownish??   I picked them up for some crazy reason to read the ingredients list, and was pleasantly surprised to see whole grain brown rice & salt.  That was it.  Just those two ingredients.  So of course when I got home I had to try them out!  No veggies were consumed with this snack 😦

 blog photos 818

Dinner was a lasagna (Noah’s request) and salad.  Yay, plenty of veggies were consumed with this meal!  Oh and we had some deviled eggs that were unpictured (Kohl’s request).  I love to make those since I devilishly put a tiny bit of mayo mixed with plain greek yogurt in them.  They are just as deliciousness.  NO ONE can tell the difference.  I am so devilishly smart!  Plenty of veggies were consumed with this meal 🙂

I guess it is safe to say that I am sucking at veggie loving month.  I so need to “beef” up my game, lol!!  Happy what I ate Wednesday to you all!

10 thoughts on “Thank you pinterest”

  1. I’ve seen those jar salads before – simply GENIUS!!!!!! and secret valentines! that would be amazing. I’m not that big on Valentines Day – I just like the chocolate. but I am kinda hoping Colin gets me something

    your meals look amazing as per usual and veggie filled!

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