Did U Win?

So the big question of the day is…..did your team pick win the super bowl?  Unfortunately for me my team pick did not.  I can’t say that I am deeply saddened.  Let’s face it, if it is not one of the teams I normally root for then I go with the best looking quarter back.

And let me tell you that Tom Brady is by far better looking than Eli Manning.  You don’t believe me?  Judge for yourself!

Tom on the left, Eli on the right

and if that one doesn’t convince you, maybe this one will..

How can you say no to that?  I will have two servings please….

For those of you that do not keep up with pro football….shame on you!!  The super bowl is another great reason to have a party 🙂

 blog photos 1016  

We partied in style, complete with pajamas!!  Yep, no big plans for us this year.  We stayed home with the boys and watched the game from the comforts of our couch.

blog photos 1022

 blog photos 1020   

Complete with a big bowl of chili…..

blog photos 1021blog photos 1023

A super bowl worth drink……

blog photos 1015blog photos 1024

And of course some 2nd half snacks!

Now other than a great reason to have a party you must watch the super bowl for the commercials.  The best commercials ever!  Why they save those for super bowl, and some never are played again….I have no idea! 

That and the half time show.  Did Madonna rock or what?  Say what you will, but I will always love her!  Several people were commenting (rudely) about her performance and age.  She had one of the best performances compared to several years past.  As for her age – I can only hope that I will have that body & beauty when I am her age (a girl can dream).  I mean come on how many of the haters can move the way she did?  NONE!! 

So that is my super bowl recap!  How did you celebrate the night/game?

8 thoughts on “Did U Win?”

  1. Well since my boys were not in the bowl this year, I was for the Giants. I figured the Patriots would have won though but I’m proud of them anyway. As for halftime, Madonna totally rocked it! I made the comment last night that it was one of the best halftime shows in a long time. We had a bunch of snack foods. Some clean ans some not. Because what is the Super Bowl without some Doritos? I wasn’t super impressed with the commercials! 😦

  2. I agree with you Helen about Madonna!! She ROCKED IT!! I am a 80’s girl, and I will always love Madonna!! I hope I look half as good as she does at her age!!

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