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Messy Side Updo

Some days you just don’t feel like getting dressed.  You hate the idea of makeup, hairstyling, matching clothes (serious here people), and help me if I have to think of perfume.  I mean I can’t flippin breathe now as it is!

I am not very attractive during allergy season.  Which by the way is starting seriously early this year.  I mean what the &*$$!  I still have to be presentable at work.  So in comes simplified makeup, simple hair, and clothes that partially match.

 new camera 019  

One of the things that I love to do on cruddy days is to wear my hair up, but I do not want to go the traditional pony tail route.  I want something a little more fun.  A little more stylish, but still low key and easy.

new camera 020

So what is my go to style on days like  this…..the messy side updo!  It is simple and cute:)

I will try my best to explain how I do this style.  I wish I had a video to show you.  I start by curling my hair.  Trust me curled hair is easier to style when doing up do’s.  Start by gathering the hair from the crown as if you were doing a half up style.  Secure with a bobby pin.  Then you will loosely pull the hair from the sides back and “tie it”.  Yes that’s right I said tie it.  You will hold each end and loop together as if tying a shoe.  Hold your finger in the middle and secure with a bobby pin.  Now follow the same procedure with the bottom of your hair.  Don’t pull to tight, you want this to be a little loose and messy looking.  After you have finished this portion, you will begin securing the loose ends of the hair around the area.  Simply pick up the ends of the pieces that are sticking out, then pick it up and secure it in the area where the ties are held with another bobby pin.  Do this until all ends are tucked around the area.  

new camera 022

Don’t worry about and loose hairs that are falling or sticking out.  You can check the back with a mirror and either leave them out to add to the messiness of the style, or secure with additional pins.  Always leave a few loose hairs hanging around.

new camera 021

So there you have it.  Clear as mud right??  Yeah I thought so!  The main thing to remember is to just tuck hair in with pins in any direction.  You will eventually get to the right look.  So just give it a go.  I promise that once you get the hang of it, it will literally take you like five minutes to pull your hair “up”, and it is more stylish than your basic pony tail.

I will try to start doing some tutorial videos for some of the things I have on the blog.  I know that if you guys had a pic by pic or video this would make a little more sense.  The point is to just play around until you have a look that you like.  That is all that matters!!

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