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Allergies #*%(^($*$

Today is one of the worst days.  Not only is it very rainy and yucky, but I woke up this morning with the worst allergy case of the year!

As in constant sneezes, stuffiness, yuckiness…..even after taking the allergy meds this morning.  It is bad enough that my partner therapist (who happens to have a room connected to mine – we have a door seperating us) finally just told my “God bless you for the rest of the day”.  I don’t blame her.  If I had to bless someone so often I would do the same!

But enough about my yuckiness.  Let’s get to some eats 🙂

new camera 009new camera 010

Overnight oats made their way back into my life this past week.  I love having breakfast ready when I wake up!  These are the basic oats with yogurt in the mix (cuz that’s the only way I like my OO’s) topped with frozen fruit.  This was a strawberry, banana, peach blend that I picked up a week or so ago.  Totally loving it, and bless me for sneezing!

new camera 006 

Snacks are a daily necessity to me, 0f course I enjoyed a baked treat.  For the recipe on the muffin see yesterday’s post.  Lot’s of water was consumed of course.  Along with an un-pictured apple/nut butter for my afternoon & bedtime snack (1/2 eaten in the afternoon, 1/2 at bedtime).  I know bad blogger right??  But really who hasn’t see a pic of an apple/nut butter?  Please forgive, and bless me for sneezing!

new camera 018

Dinner was super easy and quick.  Whole wheat pasta with a meat sauce, egg, and steamed broccoli.  I love steamed broccoli, especially if you squeeze some lemon juice on top of it…nom, nom!  This was one night when I needed something quick for dinner.  I didn’t have time (or want to spend the time as a matter of fact) to stand at the stove slaving over a meal.  When this happens I have to turn to pre-packaged foods, which are normally not the best……..

new camera 015

BUT – I found this little gem at the grocery.  It is tasty and easy.  Right up a busy girl’s alley, and the ingredients are super!

new camera 016

All natural ingredients!  I am so freaking happy to have found that.  It is pricier than most of the spaghetti sauces, but for natural ingredients I will gladly pay for it.

So I made my dinner with this.  It was great, I highly recommend that you try it.  They have several varieties.  This will be my go to sauce from here on out.  Of course the kids will be happy because they love pasta, the hubster may be a little disappointed because he loves his home cooked sauces, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do…….

Bless me for sneezing!

6 thoughts on “Allergies #*%(^($*$”

  1. Oh no, bless you! At least you’re still able to enjoy that wonderful food. The oats and yogurt sound delicious. I can’t wait to try it! Feel better soon!

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