Monday morning confessions

Yay, it’s Monday (insert extreme sarcasm here)!

I have a confession for you today.  I actually have more than one.  Do you guys remember all those lovely food photos I posted last week?

blog photos 1001 blog photos 962

Yeah – well I don’t.  That would be because I actually had those photos on my computer from several days to a week before the actual post went up.  I am sure many of you guys do the same so it is no surprise.  It’s just that I have moments when I do not feel like writing, so I don’t.  I have moments when I do not have time for writing, so I don’t.  Which means that occasionally I will have a cache of photos, recipes, ideas saved up to post.

This comes in handy when you feel horrible.

Which brings me to my next confession.  I was sick last week.  I still have no clue what was wrong with me.  I had a headache for about three days, with fever, and chills, and hot flashes, and………it was horrible.  Yes, I still worked.  No, I didn’t want to blog.  No I didn’t want to cook, or read, or watch t.v.  So I was very thankful for those saved posts. 

Now here is my last confession.  My headache came back last night.  I still have it today.  Which is why I do not feel like putting together a great post.  I just suck at blogging right now…..and I really do not care!!  Just like I didn’t care that I ate an entire bag of monster trail mix from Target (fyi – tarjay has the best darn trail mixes) within two days.  I really do not care that I put that much sugar into my body.  I had a headache damn it!!

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, but until then may I suggest that you get some recipes from Food Network, oh and if you do not mind bring some by the house for me….mmmmkay 😉

8 thoughts on “Monday morning confessions”

  1. 😦 sorry you feel bad. I hope you get rid of that headache soon. Funny thing, my post will be something similar lol. Feel better, love

  2. that sucks that you’ve been having bad headaches. I feel like headaches are the secret killers. They seem so mediocre but really they are violent! so I hope you feel better.

    I just found you so I’d love you to write more 😀

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