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There’s a new barista in town

Do you remember when I admitted that I have a coffee addiction?  No, well I do.

Do you remember my goals for the New Year? Maybe, maybe not…..

Well one of them was to save money.  Which to most people this would read as putting more money into a savings account.  Which is part of the plan.

To some people this would mean that I would give up certain things that I spend money on.  Like eating out.  Which I rarely do, but that is the course I am trying to take with certain addictions in my life.

Like my addiction to coffee…….

blog photos 958

and the fact that my addiction is slightly expensive……

blog photos 959

but I was fortunate enough to win a lovely giveaway from ….. at fairy healthy life, this included several bags of Starbuck’s brand iced coffee beans.

blog photos 960

That left me with the greatest of opportunities….the ability to brew my own iced coffees.

Oh happy, happy, joy, joy!!

blog photos 961

Yes people I am using half & half.  No I do not care.  I mean clean eating is all about using whole foods and real products.  You will find no artificial anything here.  Just good ol’ milk & cream!

blog photos 962

Is that not the most beautiful swirl ever 🙂

blog photos 963

This can only mean one thing……

blog photos 964      

I am one step closer to checking an item off of my  wish list 🙂

If you too would like to join me on my journey it is simple.  Go purchase a bag of coffee of your choice.  Preferably one that is meant for iced brew, but trust me I have used regular coffees before and they work just as fabulous.  The main thing is to use a good roast!  Then you simply brew an entire pot.  Yep, that’s right I said an entire pot.  Allow the coffee to cool after you brew it, pour into a container and place in the fridge.  Now you will have iced coffee available to you for the entire week, you will only need to add cream and/or sweetener…..oh and you can put that five dollar bill back into your wallet 🙂

Happy brewing friends!

12 thoughts on “There’s a new barista in town”

  1. Thankfully I don’t live near a coffee shop or else I would be jumping on board for sure! We make our own coffee all the time and on the odd occasion I am driving by a coffee shop I may or may not grab a specialty coffee to go 🙂

  2. So i found a bunch of instant starbucks coffee packs at my grocery store for like $6 off so i bought them and i WILL make iced coffee and i WONT drive the 2 blocks to Starbucks
    How is that for decisive? LOL
    Love the jar 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Great idea making enough for the whole week! Did I feed your addiction by sending you those bags?! 🙂 oh well, at least you’re saving money, right? 😉

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