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Lickity split

I have just realized that tomorrow is Friday the 13th!  Did you know that??  If it wasn’t for my sons science fair project, I would not have made the realization so early.  So I am thinking that is reason enough for me to stay home tomorrow right?  Then I would have a four day weekend!

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Yes, I said four day.  We have a three day weekend since Monday is MLK day.  I know, I know – we just came back from a three week break, but who is counting 🙂

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Today I have a wonderful treat to share with you.  One that is perfect for celebrating an extended weekend.  One that reminds you of spring/summer.  You know for those of you that are having winter blues.  We do not have those.  We barely have winter.  I think I have used my fireplace maybe four to five times this year.  So sad 😦

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But I get to use it tonight and tomorrow night.  Most people probably think that I am crazy for wishing we had more of a winter, but I am telling you if you live in Louisiana you understand.  The heat is oppressive for like ummmm ten months out of the year.  The remaining two months are warm but not as oppressive.  So considering that I was wearing shorts to work out a mere few days ago, I am super excited!!

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Protein Banana Split

  • 1 small banana cut in half
  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • all fruit jam
  • pecan pieces
  1. place cottage cheese in a bowl to freeze a little for about 30 minutes
  2. cut banana in half down the middle and place in a bowl
  3. top with frozen cottage cheese
  4. heat jam in microwave for about 10 seconds, pour on top of cottage cheese
  5. top with pecan pieces or peanuts, almonds, pistachios – the sky is the limit

I am brilliant aren’t I!!  Yeah, I know…lol!  I am sure that this would work just as well if you take some yogurt and freeze in place of the cottage cheese, I just like the saltiness of the cheese with the sweetness of the jam.  I is sure to please, so super easy to make, and mush better for your hips/thighs than the original version 🙂

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****************************AND NOW FOR THE REMAINING PORTION OF THE 30 DAY CHALLENGE*****************

Day 21 – On of your favorite shows

So easy – Grey’s Anatomy hands down!!

Day 22 – How have you changed in the past two years

I am proud to say that I have developed many good habits like clean eating, I stopped smoking, making exercise part of my life, and have grown both as a wife and mother

Day 23 – Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous who you find attractive


Day 24 – Your favorite movie and what it is about

This is tough.  My favorite movie changes depending on what is coming out.  I like romantic comedies, but I do have some classics that I will watch repeatedly no matter how many times I see them.  So my favorite(s) would be “Dirty Dancing”, “Footloose” , and…..”Sweet Home Alabama”!!

Day 25 – Someone who fascinates you and why

Okay I am totally going to get laughed at for this probably but the person who fascinates me the most would have to be……Lindsey Lohan!  I know you think I am crazy but hear me out.  No matter what she does/doesn’t do she can always land prime coverage in the news.  I mean really.  If you can screw your life up that bad, and still have t.v./radio coverage – that is fascinating!!

Day 26 – What kind of person attracts you

Um, I think maybe the hubster would be better at answering this one, lol!  I have to be honest here – I like those bad guys 😉

Day 27 – A problem that you have had

Honey if I talked about problems I would never turn this computer off.  I would never get a post written, and I am sure that I would loose all of my readers…lol!  I do have to say that I am blessed to not have any major problems in my life, just the typical ones like running out of detergent with four loads of laundry to wash.

Day 28 – Something that you miss

My size 2 clothes!!  I totally miss those.  Oh and my boobs (sorry).  I will be honest, when you have babies and nurse they are never the same again!

Day 29 – Goals for the next 30 days

Many of you have read my goals for the year with my resolutions post.  I am working on those goals specifically.  So for the next 30 days my goals are t0:  Pay off a few bills, settle on paint color for kitchen, organize a home office area, obtain shelf for family room pics.

Day 30 – Your highs and lows of the month

Wow!  Only 12 days in – that is tuff.  Low would totally have to be the car issue.  Estimate was $800.00 to repair the car.  That is for rim, tire, and alignment.  Again I am going to take the opportunity to be thankful that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  My highs are that I had an amazing new year celebration with the hubster, I had a lovely full week off at the beginning of the year with the boys, and that I was able to squeeze in a wonderful girl’s night!

Whew….it is done.  I have successfully completed the 30 day challenge in three days!  I am such a superstar, lol!  Now it is your turn.  Pick one of the challenge questions and answer it!!

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Oh and don’t forget to have a banana split while doing so 🙂

12 thoughts on “Lickity split”

  1. Banana split looks delicious! I love that the protein comes from the actual food instead of from protein powder. I don’t really like protein powder, but it seems to be a staple for a lot of people.

  2. Uh oh, I didn’t realize it was the 13th tomorrow! I’m having lunch with my mother-in-law. Good thing? Bad thing? We shall see!

    Thanks for the Nice collection of men! 🙂
    I’m so happy for you for quitting smoking! That’s great!

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