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game day & small story

I would like to take this opportunity to inform all of my wonderful readers that today is game day, and I insist appreciate your support for the LSU Tigers!! 

As you can imagine I am having a super busy day at work.  The first work day back in three weeks!  We are also swarmed with activities leading up to the big game tonight.

I would like to leave you with a little story:

There was a very excited mom driving down the interstate on Friday night, so happy to be attending an adult only meal.  You see this mom hasn’t had a girl’s night in months.  So of course when her friend sent a text several days before declaring Friday night to be girl’s night at Copeland’s, the mom was on board.  She was driving in the left lane of the interstate, minding her own business, when suddenly the car in front of her “jumped up” hit the median.  Immediately her car “jumped up” as well.  All she could think about at this point was I am dead.  You see she had cars in the right lane, cars in front of her, cars behind her, and one car in the median spinning out of control.  She finally crossed lanes and was able to park the car on the shoulder.  She assessed the damage on her car, gladly reporting to her husband that the tire/rim was the only visible damage. 


Very upset she sat patiently waiting for the husband to come and change the tire, while silently crying because she was thankful to be okay, but also she was disappointed that it happened on a Friday night – girl’s night!  After a few minutes a state police arrived on the scene to inform the driver that she ran over a drive shaft that was lost by an 18 wheeler.   Really – I hit a drive shaft.  Who does that??  The hubster came to change her tire and wait with her for the local police to arrive on the scene to get her information.  Luckily the truck had to stop so damages would be filed against his insurance company. 

After sitting on the shoulder of the interstate for nearly an hour the mom was released to leave.  The hubster was so kind as to let her have his truck to drive, while he opted to drive her car back to the house.  She did make it to her girl’s night, albeit a little shaky.  Where she immediately ordered her first glass of wine.  She was able to calm down, enjoy a second glass of wine, with a lovely apple & almond salad and cup of gumbo.  Once arriving home the mom was again thankful for the protection and grace that she surely was given during the night.  She immediately climbed into bed, praying that Saturday morning would be brighter 🙂

AND….that is how my weekend started off!!  C-R-A-Z-Y!  I can only say/hope that surely the week will be uphill from here.

Again thanks for your support towards LSU!  Be back tomorrow with a game night recap 🙂     


15 thoughts on “game day & small story”

  1. Wow, I’m so glad to hear you’re okay!! That is really scary. I hope you enjoyed your girls night. Stay safe! 🙂

  2. So glad you were ok and that the car had so little damage! How scary! But thank the Lord you were not hurt.
    Tonight’s game hopefully will be a good game and not a boring dud like their last match-up 😦 (but not sure if anything can have me biting my nails worse than the Broncos game yesterday – Yipes! that was exciting!)
    But I don’t like having 2 SEC teams playing each other – but hopefully it will be a good game. All I know is that where I live, all I’ve seen all day is houndstooth!!

  3. We watched the game last night and I was sad to see LSU lose 😦 What a terrifying experience!! I’m so glad you’re okay. You totally deserved a girls’ night after something like that.

  4. Glad to know you are ok my dear!!!

    And have to say, my Mama is an LSU alum, as she always says [ ring ching, she was a pi beta phi) girl! And I often hear about LSU! 🙂 Us Southern Girls have to stick together!


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