getting back to normal

My system is still way out of wack.  I have come to the conclusion that it will remain that way until after the new year.  I told myself I would continue to eat healthy up until Christmas eve, and that I would get right back to my healthy eating/exercising right after the holiday.

That didn’t happen.  My husband is at the camp.  I am alone with the boys.  I have food left over.  What does all of this mean – still eating and no exercising……

skate 039 skate 038

at least not for me!  Noah is getting in plenty of activity with his new presents 🙂

But at least I can share some food with you guys 🙂

 112010 297

 blog photos 359

new camera 172

 new camera 170

Granola pancakes topped with bananas, creamy oat meal with maple syrup, lots of nuts, steamed veggies and rice with baked beans (recipe coming soon)….

Un-pictured (sorry I know I am being a bad blogger lately) is yogurt, peanut butter balls, eggnog pound cake, and crackers w/ cheese.

This is how a single lady eats.  Quick.  Easy.  Little cooking required 🙂

Now I am off to make a plan to get back on track.  Happy WIAW!

8 thoughts on “getting back to normal”

  1. That all looks pretty healthy to me! I have so many leftovers from last week, so it’s making it easy to eat normally. And by normal, I mean I’m still eating like 3 cookies a day…

  2. looks great! the last photo, veggies + beans, is my go-to single-girl meal. my family isn’t vegan like me, so i often end up eating this simple combo so i can make it to the dinner table with them. yum!

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