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What happened to breakfast??

Do you remember back when I use to post breakfast recipes at least twice a week?…..yeah me too!

Do you remember back when several readers gave me the nick name of breakfast queen?…..yeah me too!

Do you wonder what happened to her?……yeah me too!

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Well wonder no more my friends.  I have a lovely treat for you today.  It is breakfast.  It is sweet.  It is delightful.  It is so simple even a food blogger can do it!

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S’Mores Pancakes

  • pancake batter (homemade, boxed, borrowed, stolen, who cares)
  • 1/4 cup graham cracker crumbs
  • chocolate chips
  • mini marshmallows

Mix together your pancake batter.  Anyway you like it.  With eggs, without eggs, whole milk, no milk….no judgment here.  Just make sure it is your favorite mix.  Add in those graham cracker crumbs.  Now cook those bad boys…ahem never mind let’s call them girls….on a griddle.  In a pan.  Use a pot.  A pizza stone.  I really could go on and on but you get the point.

Now here is the important part.  Are you paying attention?  Okay, good!  You have to layer the pancakes.  I mean at least three, but who am I kidding I like four!  Now as you are layering you must remember to put your chocolate chips and marshmallows on top of each pancake.  I mean it!  On each and everyone of them.  It is a must.

new camera 144

Syrup?  What syrup?  Who needs it, not this girl!  I promise it will not be missed (I drizzled with a little honey just for the picture).  Now you must eat these in front of your fire place with a big ol’ glass of milk.  Whole milk, low fat milk, soy milk, almond milk….remember no judgment here.  What ever tickles your fancy 🙂

Kohl and I had the weekend to our selves last weekend.  Noah decided to take a hunting trip with dad to the camp.  So it was all about a mom and a certain five year old.  We had lot’s of fun.  We had crazy breakfasts.  Too many fast food meals.  A Christmas parade, and some shopping!!

This is one of the breakfasts that I made for us.  It was very kid friendly.  Which is important when it is just you and one kid for an entire weekend.  Because you know you have to keep him entertained, there is no one else to do that!  So I wanted to share our little treat with you guys.  I hope you enjoy it, which I am sure you will.

new camera 145

I bet you will  be left wanting s’more 🙂

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