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November Favorites

OMG… is December (insert giddiness, happy dancing, clapping, laughing, and all sorts of silly things here)! 

I absolutely love this time of year.  I love the holiday atmosphere, the decorations, the excitement, oh and I love presents.  Especially ones that have my name on them.  I know you have them coming my way, I just have to be patient…!

In all seriousness I do love presents, you know the ones that I get to watch my children open.  The excitement and smiles they have when they open them is priceless!  I love the fact that my babies are so considerate of what they ask for.  This makes watching them open gifts enjoyable.  If there is anything I hate it would be children who are inconsiderate of the season.  You know the ones I am talking about.  Those that always ask “where is my present”, “is that all I get”, “I didn’t want this”, etc. 

So I try to make sure that my boys know and understand the true meaning of the holiday, as well as teach them to be grateful for any and all gifts.  They both love to give gifts as much as they like to receive them which makes me smile 🙂

So before I move into December, I must take a look back at November:

072011 387

My birthday and the wonderful gift that the hubster gave me!

112010 287112010 285

My baby sister’s birthday.  I host her slumber party every year!

 112010 291

Our family’s Christmas tree adventures.  Even if we didn’t buy the tree we took our picture with….lol!

new camera 003

Thanksgiving day with family….and tree decorating!

    new camera 006 

The return of Max…. please Santa can we keep him year round?


Last but certainly not least….early Christmas presents (with my name on them….lol!)

Hope you had a blessed November!

5 thoughts on “November Favorites”

  1. I love that you host your little sisters slumber party! How fun! I also love your camera! Ha ha! Happy December!

  2. What a beautiful tree! I didn’t get to decorate thanksgiving day as I’d hoped, but I am going to start tonight finally!
    And what a great early present! I got the best early present ever – they changed our State law so that people who are seizure free for 6 months (instead of 12) can drive!!! I had a seizure in March and haven’t been able to drive for 9 months! When they told me I could, it was the best present! I thought I’d have to wait a full year but thankfully it’s changed!
    Anyhow – hope your December is as blessed!

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