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Pessimist or Optimist??

I am in survey mode today.  My oldest son has a science project to work on, and one of the steps in the experimentation is to take a survey. 

Then on the way to school/work this morning they were thinking I was crazy.  That’s ok.  They can think it, one day soon I am sure they will realize that it is true anyway. 

So what had me so “crazy” in their eyes this morning?  Just my usual crazy Monday routine!  How many of you hate Mondays?  It’s okay go ahead a let me know, remember there is no…ahem…judgment her on Helen Naturally 🙂

Are you a pessimist or optimist?

Sometimes I hate Mondays.  Mostly I am okay with them.  After all I am sure that I have told several of you my outlook…..even if Monday didn’t exist there would still be a first day of the work week to deal with.  So who cares if they call it Monday…..

Now you think I am totally crazy, rambling about Monday’s, wondering what my morning routine is, and what the heck does Bob Seger have to do with it anyway??

Easy – I purchased this cd yesterday, AND….I jammed it on the way to work.  Complete with singing, clapping, and dancing!  I mean who doesn’t like the old time rock & roll??  I know I do.

There is nothing like a  good song and a little dancing.  Puts a smile on your face every time 🙂

Oh and it helps your Monday start off on a good note….get it note….ha, I crack myself up sometimes!  Give it a try, I promise you will be smiling 🙂

So I choose to be and optimist.  Which is what I always try to strive for daily 🙂

Now about that science project:

Do you think seeds will germinate in liquids other than water?

If yes, which do you think will best germinate seeds:  milk, apple juice, vinegar?

Thanks for the input….and in the words of Lady Gaga – JUST DANCE!

6 thoughts on “Pessimist or Optimist??”

  1. I have to admit I’m usually a bit of a pessimist. But my other half is totally the opposite. I think that’s why we work well together. Nothing wrong with a dance party in the car 🙂

  2. Lol. You do silly. I have to agree though because I love to dance in my car. I know people think I have lost my mind but sometimes you just gotta move lol. Especially on my way to the gym. If I could Cupid shuffle while dancing, I would. Lol

  3. I”m an optimist. And one time I was stopped at a red light on the way to school rocking out in the car when I noticed that everyone was staring at me. And then I remembered that it was Crazy Hair Day and I had gone all-out. Ha!

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