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I like a little variety in my life.  I just thought I should tell you that in case you haven’t figured it out by now.  That variety plays a part in all things:  food, clothes, drinks, etc.  Variety is also a big part of my makeup routines!

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You don’t wear the same outfit all week, so why do you stick to the same beauty routine day in and day out?  Think of makeup as a way to change your look to fit your mood or the occasion.  I have to admit that some days I just do not feel like getting dressed.  On those days my “ballerina look” comes in very handy.  Other times I am in a really glam mood, or maybe I have a big night out and decide to really glam things up and go with a smoky eye. 

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No matter which look I am striving for, I always like to look pulled together.  I have several friends that often ask about my make up.  It isn’t that I am great at applying the stuff, I am no makeup artist, but I do spend time trying a variety of products, looks, and techniques.  Many times when I talk to someone about makeup application it leads to one thing:  they aren’t using the right tools. 


That’s right ladies, the right tools are essential.  They help give you a great look.  I live by makeup brushes.  If there is one thing that you get from me, let it be that you purchase good quality makeup brushes and USE them!  They do not have to be expensive brushes, just make sure the quality is good 🙂

With the right brushes, a little color, and some practice any lady can learn the tricks of the makeup trade!  Here are three makeup routines from the web that I often give to my friends when they ask for help.  They will always have you looking your best.

Five-Minute Makeup: This is the makeup routine you go for when you’re tight on time and don’t want to look like you rolled out of bed. It’s a low-key look that’s perfect when you’re taking the kids to school, running errands, or going the gym.
— Creamy concealer under eyes to cover dark circles.
— Stick foundation around the nose where there’s redness or tinted moisturizer.
— A coat of brown or black mascara if you’re fair; you can skip this if you have dark lashes.
— Cream blush stick on the apples of cheeks.
— Lip balm or lip gloss.

Ten-Minute Makeup: Ten minutes is all you need to create a polished and pulled-together look that can go from the office to luncheons and daytime events. It’s a full face of makeup, but it’s quick, so you won’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.
— Concealer on dark circles instantly brightens your face.
— Foundation all over face.
— Set concealer with sheer face powder for a smooth look that lasts.
— Shape and define brows with eye shadow toned to your natural hair color; use an eye brow brush for the most natural look.
— Light eye shadow all over lid; medium eye shadow on the lower lid; a dark eye shadow for lining; and one to two coats of black mascara.
— Neutral blush layered with a brighter shade of blush for a pop of color.
— Lipstick and gloss.

Twenty-Minute Makeup: Getting dressed up for a special event isn’t about piling on more of your everyday makeup. It’s about picking cooler colors, playing with textures, and adding definition.
— Same concealer, foundation and powder as the ten-minute makeup routine.
— Define brows with eye shadow and/or pencil.
— For easy glamour, try a shimmery eye shadow.
— Smudge a medium eye shadow color in the crease of the lid to contour.
— Line upper and lower lashlines with charcoal or black.
— Two coats of black mascara; if you have a steady hand, try individual false lashes on the outer corners of your upper lash line.
— Dust shimmer on cheeks over your regular blush.
— Lipstick with lip liner for added definition and to keep color from feathering, finished with a layer of gloss. 


Hopefully this post will inspire some of you to experiment with your makeup routines a little more.  You tube has many tutorials on application that you can watch for ideas, and do not be afraid to try a variety of colors.  If you aren’t a color person and prefer neutrals……totally ok!  I wear neutrals most of the time myself, but I have to admit that adding a little color makes things fun 🙂

6 thoughts on “makeup routines”

  1. I’ve never worn make-up. About four or five times a year, I’ll get “fancy”, and I’ll wear a full face of make-up (probably closest to your 10-minute routine, minus the blush because I really can’t figure out how to put it on). One thing that I’ve noticed about myself is that I feel really self-conscious when I wear make-up, probably because most days I just wash my face in the shower and call it a day. I think it takes a certain amount of confidence to suddenly start wearing make-up when you never have before.

  2. love how you broke it down! i love spending time doing my makeup. the end result is always a great reward. now if i could just be as motivated about my wild hair…

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