My readers,

Hello my wonderful friends.  I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I have decided to take a break this week.  Yep, I am turning off the computer…..well other than holiday shopping that is 🙂

I am taking some time out for me and the family.  It is much needed and wanted time.  I have several books sitting in my kindle to read, a house to prepare for Christmas decorating, children to spend time with, and many plans/activities for the holidays.  Oh and I have also spent time working PRN at a nursing facility the past two mornings, and I will be there in the morning as well.  With so much going on knowing I would only get maybe two posts up this week, I have opted to take a vacation 🙂

So I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving to my USA friends, a great thanks to you all as readers!  I want you all to know that I am thankful for each and everyone of you, for all the comments you leave me, and for all of the great info that I gain from some of your own blogs.  Have a blessed week 🙂

Helen, Naturally

8 thoughts on “My readers,”

  1. How funny. I was just thinking the same thing and getting ready to post! I hope you and Len and the boys have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Love ya!

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