Tiny bars

I was about to break into song for you again.  Yeah I now you are disappointed that I didn’t.  It’s just that the title reminds me so much of my Nana and her singing to my baby sister…..

Tiny bubbles in the wine, make me happy, make me feel fine….

Yeah she was a baby.  She loved it.  I love it.  Wine that is…….

But this in not about tiny bubbles in the wine.  Unless of course you have some you would love to share with me.  If you do just let me know, I will be more than happy to pay you a visit 🙂


I had the privilege of reviewing soft chewy bars from Enjoy Life foods.  I really like this company for snack foods.  I mean if you are going to eat a cookie it should be made with the natural ingredients, right?  Well they aren’t as wholesome as homemade but for prepackaged snacks on the go…..I’ll take them.

072011 001

The company sent me the four varieties:  caramel apple, cocoa loco, very berry, and sunbutter crunch.  Let’s take a look at them shall we!

072011 005

Caramel Apple, my favorite of the four.  I am a sucker for anything apple & cinnamon flavored, throw in some caramel and I’m hooked.  Now while these do not taste like a caramel apple, come on be real here, they have a great flavor.  This is one of the sweetest of the bars!

  072011 002   

Very Berry, my second favorite.  I’m also a sucker for berry flavored foods.  Give me any berry and I will eat it!  This one is also one of the more sweeter of the bars.  These two remind me of a snack bar due to the sweetness.  They are great when you have Halloween candy staring you in the face when you open the pantry.  I will take this over a chocolate bar for figure sake…lol!

 072011 004 

Now on to the sunbutter crunch.  Do not let the name fool you, there is no crunch to this bar.  It is still soft and chewy.  I have to be honest on this one, it didn’t remind me of a sunbutter flavor.  It tasted more like a diet bar 😦

072011 006

The cocoa loco is the last that I tried.  I had such high hopes for this bar.  Chocolate?  Where is it??  Unfortunately this bar was not crazy with the chocolate.  This one also reminded me of a diet bar that is suppose to make you think you are eating chocolate. 

072011 003

For the last con that I have to report about the bars, they are tiny.  Like half the size of a normal soft bar you buy in the grocery.  You definitely have to have something else to go with the bars if you want your snack to hold you over.  This was not difficult for me to do seeing as to how I have satsumas coming out of my ears, lol!

All in all I would purchase the apple and berry bars again to help supplement my snacks.  They are perfect to keep in the car or your purse in case you need a little small something to hold you over before a meal, or in my case if you forget to pack you snack!     

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