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Ramblings of a blogger – part 1

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to ramble?

I really have nothing in mind to discuss today.  I really have no plans for a specific post today.  I do have several posts in draft form that I have been working on.  Things that I want to share with all of you, but I am just not in the mood for a structured post today.

Now I could call today’s post confessions of a blogger – I have done those in the past, but I do not really have any confessions to make today.  Well okay maybe one.  I do however have some ramblings.  Because lets face it, most all “confessions of a blogger” are similar in content.  I am not confessing anything today.  Nope!  I am rambling 🙂

I finally decided to go buy jeans yesterday.  I went with the Miss Me brand, with crosses on the bootay!  I love them.  They fit great.  They look great.  The hubster likes the way they make my butt look!  I didn’t like the price 😦  However, I guess I just need to get over it.  I am certain that when I wear them this weekend for our football party I will be so happy I shelled out that nice Ben Franklin 🙂

I know it sounds crazy that I have an issue with paying for jeans when I obviously do not have issues with paying for shoes/purses/jewelry, BUT – it’s just that my old favorites (which are no longer made anymore) fit like a dream and would only put me out around 60$$, and I could usually find them on sale easily and knock about 20$ off of that!

The hubster cooked dinner for me last night.  Before you begin with the “awww how sweets” let’s talk about that dinner.  He cooked shrimp and sweet potato fries.  Sounds great right?  Boy was it delish, and yes it was sweet of him……BUT……

Um yeah they were fried shrimp.  Fried sweet potato fries.  Like deep fried in a fry daddy!!  Hello artery clogging, fat forming, I would like a few extra pounds on my butt food!

He needs to watch out, I am wearing crosses on my butt these days.  I do not want anyone to kneel and pray when I walk by!!

I have spent several days trying to figure out what would be appropriate for my youngest one to take his kindergarten teacher on Monday for her birthday.  Her birthday is Sunday as well.  So we need a gift, yes I  am one of those parents that send treats to the teacher for everything!  Hello!  I work at the school.  I know how much those treats are appreciated.  They are also well deserved, teachers work hard people!

I decided to go a little healthy and add in a little treat.  We are going to send her some apples.  Not just any apples but honeycrisp apples.  Kohl gave her one last week (yes he randomly decides to bring people things).  She had never had one!  So I am buying her several apples to go in a basket, with a card, and a gift jar cookie mix.  I love to do gift jar cookie mixes 🙂


But not just any cookie mix.  Oh no that will not do for Mr. Kohl.  They have to be cowboy cookies.  What are cowboy cookies?  Oh only the best darn cookie I have ever eaten/baked.  Trumps chocolate chip any day!

Would you like the recipe?  Oh you would!  Okay I’ll share 🙂

Cowboy Cookies

  • 1+1/3c unbleached all purpose flour
  • 1t baking powder
  • 1t baking soda
  • 1/4t salt
  • 1 + 1/3c rolled oats
  • 1/2c brown sugar
  • 1/2c white sugar/turbinado sugar/organic sugar (yeah you get the point)
  • 1/2c chopped pecans
  • 1c semi-sweet chocolate chips (if you are making jar cookies then you stop here)
  • 1/2c (1 stick) melted butter
  • 1 large egg
  • 1t vanilla extract

If you want to make the gift jar you will have to combine the first four ingredients together and place in the bottom of a quart jar as the first layer.  Use something to kind of pack it down so the layers will show good.  Next you will layer the oats, then the brown sugar, white sugar, pecans, and chocolate chips.  Be sure to “pack” down each layer when adding.

  1. Preheat oven to 350*, and spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray
  2. Mix together the butter, egg, and vanilla
  3. Stir in the cookie mix (or remaining ingredients if not from a jar mix)
  4. Roll the mixture into ball with hands and place two inches apart on cookie sheet
  5. Bake in oven for 11-13 minutes, cool on a cooling rack

Of course you will want to hide these cookies because they are just that darn good.  I love to have them when they are still warm with a nice glass of almond milk 🙂

I promise to post pictures of the gift once it is made this weekend!  We have a lot going on this weekend.  My nephew has his second birthday party on Saturday, that night we have a party, and Sunday is my birthday.


We have the game of the football season on Saturday night – LSU vs. Alabama.  I know many of you guys aren’t into the whole football thing.  It’s okay, I forgive you!  I love football.  Soooo – LSU & Alabama are the number one and number two teams in the nation as far as college football goes.  This game will pretty much sum up the BCS bowl this year.  We are super siked about it!

AND……since many of you are not into football I am going to just let you in on a little secret.  You have to go for LSU.  That is a(n) order plea!!

I may or may not partake in a little too much fun.  I may or may not need Advil when I wake up Sunday.  I may or may not have a voice when I wake up Sunday.  I may or may not try to convince the hubster to drive to Tuscaloosa just to tailgate (which I already know he will not do since I have been trying to do this for two weeks now).

Dear God, if I do not make it to Sunday services this week please forgive me.  It is the football game of the year.  You understand, right?  Thank you 🙂

So what do you guys have to ramble about today?

18 thoughts on “Ramblings of a blogger – part 1”

  1. Thank you so much for all your posts, they make me laugh, smile and praise! I HAVE just started my blog so I know how much hard work you put into it, so thank you!


  2. Love those jeans! But I could never shell out that much – I’m too cheap! But maybe if I tried them on and they made me look like I had a butt, I’d splurge!
    Ive made the cowboy cookies for forever, I think it’s a southern must!
    I love football, especially SEC! This game will be awesome! I wish you could go tailgate – then you could stop and say hi to me if you went the I-20/55 route! I’m always sad when the season ends – but I do like Pro and it at least lasts a bit longer (and yes I am a Saints fan!)

  3. my husband has to work saturday night and he is beyond crushed!! i’ll be watching the game, but it’s just not the same without him 🙂

  4. Those jeans are awesome but i have to say i kept looking for a cross and i totally didn’t realize it was the pocket, i’m so blonde sometimes 🙂
    Those cookies sound fabulous, i would just leave out the nuts (obviously i’m nutty enough)
    Have fun watching the game, i just don’t get football – eeekkk i said it!

  5. I’m the same way about spending money on clothes, etc. Some things just take priority! I’m a hockey girl and football isn’t nearly as popular in Canada so I never got into it. As a result, I will be rooting for your team 🙂

  6. I laughed out loud at the “kneel down and pray” bit. You do have a rather heavenly ass, I’m sure… (Oops! Was that inappropriate?) I’ve definitely had plenty of days where I didn’t know what to blog about. Makes me wish that I took more random pictures throughout the week so that I’d have something to post.

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