Trick or Treat??

Happy Halloween to you all!  I hope that you are having a spooktacular day 🙂

I myself am on a sugar coma.  No truly I am.  We have trick or treated for two nights straight.  Needless to say we will not be taken part in activities tonight!

Saturday night was spent trick or treating in my sister-n-laws subdivision while Sunday night was spent at our church with various activities. 

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Need I say more?

So the kiddos have plenty of treats to enjoy…..and so does this mama!

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I had the wonderful opportunity to shop on Saturday.  By myself.  Something that doesn’t happen very often, and of course I took full advantage of the time.  I left my  house around 9:00 in the morning and returned around 4:00 in the afternoon…fun, fun 🙂

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So what did I get for trick or treating?

  • Mac paint pot
  • Mac eye shadow
  • Lush dream cream (must try…..love lush)
  • Bath & Body Works mentha lip tint (2-tubes) and a Lemon & Ginger tinted lip balm to try (C.O. Bigelow products)
  • V.S. Lovespell bath gel
  • Ankle boots
  • Turquoise tights (bow chicka wow wow…….maybe – fingers crossed)
  • Cetaphil face wash & moisturizer
  • Rimmel eye liner in deep ocean
  • NYC lip liner in naughty nude
  • Revlon brow fantasy in dark blonde

So there are my treats.  I had to make a trip to B&BW for my lip gloss.  The C.O. Bigelow is the only lip gloss that I like to use.  It is not sticky like most glosses and it is minty.  I love minty lip products.  Since both of my older tubes are running a little low I knew that I needed to make the trip into Baton Rouge to restock.  I also picked up the lip balm to try out.  I like it but not as much as the gloss.  The Mac, Lush, and BB&W was the only things on the list that I had intentions of buying when I set out on my adventures.  The rest well…….. 

My shopping trip was suppose to include jeans but no such luck.  Jeans are the hardest thing to buy, it is so hard to find a pair that fits just right!  Is it just me with that problem?  So I am still on the search for those.  Guess I should just shell out the $100+ for a pair and get it over with….sigh.

Of course since I couldn’t find any reasonably priced jeans that I liked so I went crazy on the makeup as usual!  I decided to pick up some fun colors to play around with.  If I am trying fun/crazy colors I always opt for the cheaper brands for two reasons.  Reason number one, you may not like it once you put it on.  Reason number two, chances are you will only use it a handful of times throughout the year.  It just makes since to save the dollars you know? But I do like the ocean blue liner.  I will have to wear it one day and snap a pic to show you guys! 

That concludes my trick or treat post for this Halloween.  What are your plans for the holiday?  What are some of your favorite “treats” to buy?

4 thoughts on “Trick or Treat??”

  1. I love lush. I’m just happy in that store. Last time I was there, I bought a coconut oil conditioner that I had to hold myself back from eating. I made myself sick on fun-sized chocolate bars while handing out candy tonight. Luckily, I ran out of candy and had to turn off the porch light. I really wouldn’t want a big bowl of leftover candy!

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