I survived

I should be on the show survivor.  Really how hard can it be?  After all I endure with my job surely I can endure the show. 

I have spent two entire work day in Baton Rouge at a conference.  Listening to speakers for hours is not exactly what I think of as fun.  Or entertaining.  But for my national/state work license it is required.

So we suck it up every year and spend two days in conferences.  Or one day.  As long as it totals ten hours they could care less how many days it takes you, but who wants to spend ten hours in seminars in one day….notmethankyouverymuch!

So I opted for the two day event.  Or should I say almost two day event since I have to leave an hour early to pick the boys up from school.

So our mornings started off with a breakfast area where we were able to munch on pastries (stale & cold), fruits (overripe strawberries & bananas that were kinda mushy), and of course coffee.  I can’t make it through a morning without coffee!  Thank goodness they had this available and it was decent.

We also had lunch provided for us.  Day one included some type of stuffed chicken breast with cream sauce, rice, steamed vegetables, and “bread pudding” (guess you should say bread brick).  Day two offered pork tenderloin, potatoes au gratin, steamed veggies, and cheesecake (that is probably the best thing I had during those two days).

I didn’t take any photos.  To be honest with you it really wasn’t photo worthy, I mean it was a free lunch at a conference.  It wasn’t the best meal, but I can’t complain because it was free 🙂

So long SPALS – see you next year!

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