I’m confused about the weather….

Happy Thursday to you all!  I hope your week is going beautifully.  As I have already stated I had a two day work week, so my week is going much better than my weekend 🙂

Now all of you guys know that I live in the weather confused lovely state of Louisiana.  You know the state that doesn’t get the whole change in seasons concept.  We tend to mostly have something I like to call beyond summer.  We do have a very short winter.  No snow.  Just cold.  Like in the teens/twenties cold.  Some of you are probably laughing about that.  I do not laugh.  When you live in the beyond summer season for the majority of the year – that is extremely cold!

Did I mention I do not like cold weather?  I didn’t!  Well I don’t.  I like cool weather.  I like comfortable weather.  I like the kind of weather that we get two weeks out of the year.  You know when you can wear pants or shorts.  Thin long sleeves or short sleeves.  Boots or flip flops……yeah  most of you people call that fall.  I call that a dream.

But for now we are having a little weather confusion here in LA.  It is cold when we wake up and leave home.  Then it gets to that comfortably warm stage during the day, back to cold in the evenings.  The hubster loves this weather.  While I find it a nice change from the beyond summer season, it is a tad to cool for me in the mornings. 

072011 359

Thankfully my lovely boots arrived on Tuesday so I can wear them for my confused state.  At lease dressing for the weather is fun and fashionable.  So I am here today to share with you my “confused about the weather” outfits….

  072011 357    

The first outfit is one of my favorite “confused” looks.  A light sweater (that is comfortable when the temps reach uper 60’s-lower 70’s), blue jean skirt (any fitted skirt will do), and black tights…….

072011 362I totally need a tripod…lol!

with one of my favorite scarves 🙂


Next up is skinny jeans.  I love skinny jeans and boots (and yes I do own over the knee boots!)  I like to pair them with a nice loose top.  Of course if weather is not permitting a flowy top then you can go with a casual top and jacket.  Just try not to go tight on top.  Tight on top and  bottom is just to “club wear” for day time.


Then last but not least is the wonderful sweater dress with boots.  Pair a sweater dress with some tights and boots – pulled together in an instant.  Very comfortable, warm, and fashionable.  If I have a neutral sweater dress like the one in the photo I like to pair it with colored tight.  If you have a colored sweater dress then be sure to use neutral tights unless you want to make a statement.  If you do then pair contrasting colors together like red & purple……trust me it works!

So go ahead.  Break out those boots, dresses, and skinnies.  Have a blast putting together fun outfits.  Oh and don’t forget the accessories……

7 thoughts on “I’m confused about the weather….”

  1. Ha ha my mom and I were just talking about the seasons in LA. “Beyond summer” is a great way of putting it and I’ve definitely been there when it really has been cold! My mom has video of the only time it snowed when she lived there. She had the chickenpox and couldn’t go outside. Lucky for her she gets to see plenty of it here in CO 🙂

    I’m loving all of those fall looks!

  2. we have very similar weather here. i’ve been wearing my boots daily with jeans and skirts, but my feet/legs are so hot in the afternoon. oh well, can’t complain about the break from the summer heat!

  3. I love boots and tights! I have to say, though, that the sweater dress doesn’t flatter everyone. People like me – a bit shorter and (ahem) rounder than the typical blogger from ’round these parts of the interwebs – can’t pull it off in quite the same way as the model. Ha! I love fall. So sorry that it refuses to hang out in Louisiana.

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