WIAW – Pumpkin edition

Happy hump Wednesday to you all!  I forgot, we aren’t allowed to use that word in our house.  At least not until the kids are grown.  Or someone decided to babysit for us one night…….

So in honor of the pumpkin patch field trip I decided to do a pumpkin WIAW edition.  How fun, how fun!  I am thinking that I need to do an apple one soon.  That way both of my “fall” addictions are given their rightful post. 

Peas and Crayons

But before we begin looking at what I at on Wednesday…..head on over to Jenn’s blog and thank her for hosting our lovely party.  Without her you probably wouldn’t be getting a pumpkin version.  After you thank her head on back to see my post.  Then visit the lovely peas and crayons site again for more food inspiration 🙂

 072011 247

Breakfast – Pumpkin pancakes 

072011 334

Fieldtrip Snack – raisins & pecans

072011 239072011 320

Lunch – pumpkin/cream cheese sandwich thin w/ applesauce (I used an old photo for sandwich – after all if you snap a pic after it is put together you can’t tell it’s pumpkin)

Insert mixed berry/basil smoothie for afternoon snack here – I didn’t photograph it 😦

  072011 333  

Dinner – pumpkin cream of wheat with cranberries and pecan butter

072011 287

Night treat – pumpkin hot chocolate

And on that note I am pumpkined out – until my next grocery haul!!

Happy hump Wednesday to you all!!

10 thoughts on “WIAW – Pumpkin edition”

  1. Don’t worry, I’m in the same pumpkin boat. I eat it multiple times a day. I’m okay with it though 😛 Love that you had cream of wheat for dinner. Reminds me of my childhood 🙂

  2. I love pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread. And thai pumpkin soup is lovely. But other than that…I just don’t have the same passionate love for pumpkin that everyone else does! I think that makes me A Very Bad Blogger. That said…I’m more than willing to have my mind changed if you ever want to invite me over for dinner.

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