Weekend recap & haul

I tend to have crazy weekends.  I am not sure why I have them.  I am not sure that I have done anything to deserve to get them, but none the less they are usually crazy. 

I would love to just have a calm weekend.  One where I can veg out on the couch for hours.  Watching re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy and catching up on episodes of Young & The Restless…..yeah I’m that girl!

Instead I have at least two functions to attend, a house to clean, a list of to do’s a page long, and then there is always that one moment that just makes your weekend depressing for a few hours.

I had my moment on Saturday.  During the LSU game of courses.  I mean who needs to watch the game, right??

But first lets take a look at this weekends haul 🙂

This is magic!  Really it is totally my favorite under eye concealer now!!  Believe me I have tried all kinds.  The beauty of this one….it costs less than 10 bucks 🙂

I am totally excited to find something from a drugstore under 10 bucks that works so well.  This helps a ton with dark circles, which thanks to my allergies and my mom I have (sigh).  So I am here to tell you to give this a try.  I know it is hard to give up old trusty product, it was hard for me, but I am so glad that I did.





Why is that spot blank?  Well that is where the picture of the bowl of apples that I purchased this weekend should be…….we ate them before I snapped a pic.  Kohl refused to let the last one go long enough for me to photograph it.  So use your imagination, just make sure you imagine honey crisp apples since they are my favorite.

   072011 332

Then we purchased this little beauty!  I am totally not happy with this purchase.  Yep, this would be my depressing weekend moment that interrupted my LSU game.  The washing machine decided to leak water from underneath and make a horrible loud roaring sound……it died 😦

So of to Lowe’s I went to buy a new washer.  There goes my new watch.  There goes my purse.  There goes my sanity  because I will not be getting said new watch and new purse!!

I think this calls for a week of drinks………………………….

In other news  I did complete a few things that have been on my to do list for several months now.  Yep, I said months.  Because I can be a bit of a procrastinator.  I finally sanded and painted my old window frames.  I even have one hanging on the wall.  I have two more to paint that I may or may not use a Christmas gifts 🙂

 072011 330

The white one of course is in my kitchen……yes, I have a crazy yellow kitchen.  Now I just need to add the final touches to it.

 072011 331

The black one will be hung above my bed.  I am going to place different small mirrors in the pane areas on the wall.  Hopefully I will complete that before several months go buy!


Thankfully I have a pretty good week ahead of me.  We have a field trip tomorrow that you will hear all about on Wednesday.  Then I have a two day conference in Baton Rouge for my CEU’s.  So a two day work week for me!

Unfortunately I can not visit my beloved Sephora store while in the city because the stupid washing machine decided to go kaput…….but a great package is coming tomorrow so I will at least have a smile on my face for the rest of the week 🙂

8 thoughts on “Weekend recap & haul”

  1. yay for a new washing machine!! we just got a new dishwasher and i was way too excited. oh the things that get us going when we’re “old”!!

  2. Sorry about the washing machine. Honestly, that just sucks. I hate having to spend money on boring things that you need. “Buy a washing machine” is right up there with “get the furnace repaired”, “replace the water tank” and “get the brakes fixed on the car”. Ugh.

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