“Birthday” Haul

I tend to be a little on the dramatic realistic side at times.  The hubster thinks that I am crazy.  He doesn’t understand the need for certain things.  Things like makeup, jewelry, boots.  For some reason he doesn’t realize that when certain items are on sale you need to purchase them.  Even if you already own several. 

Case in point – I was browsing through the net last night.  I came across some boots that I would loooovvveee to have.  Do you get that – L.O.V.E.!

What was his response?  “You already have like 10 pairs, why do you need those”…..gasp!  Does he not understand that you can never, I repeat never, have too many boots/shoes/purses/clothes!

The same way that you can never have too much makeup.  He sort of said the same thing to me this past weekend when I went shopping.  Um, duh you sent me shopping what did you think I was going to buy – camo, fishing lures???  Now let me just clarify that it is perfectly a-okay for him to have a gazillion fishing lures, rods & reels, clothes for hunting, etc.  But he questions me?!

But I do have to give him a little credit – he did take the boys with him Sunday so I could have some girl time 🙂 

So what did I treat myself to this weekend……

  072011 312 

Totally love this stuff!  The Urban Decay eye primer potion.  Ulta has a special going on at the moment where you get the original potion and the sin potion for $19!!  Um that is the normal price for one, so you are actually get one free!  So you should definitely buy this, even if you already have some!  This is totally worth the price tag.  I could not imagine applying eye makeup without it. 

So what does it do?  This primer gives you three things: eye shadow that lasts, more vibrant and lasting color, and absolutely NO creasing. You apply the potion to the lids before shadow application, it dries down almost instantly creating smooth lids for flawless shadow.  For those of us that stopped counting birthdays after 29, this is wonderful to help with our lovely skin!

The formula is full of silicone, which you know makes for a smooth and silky application.  The packaging is a pretty genie bottle that makes it a great excuse to have since it is very girlie looking 🙂

072011 313072011 314

Next on the list is this new to me lipstick.  I have seen/heard a lot about the NYX products on the web, but I have never tried this brand until recently.  My Ulta has recently started carrying this in stock, so I decided to give it a go.  I have one of their eye shadow palettes that I use which is okay but not a favorite. 

This weekend I decided to give the lipstick a try.  I wanted a nice pinkish nude lipstick to go with my “ballerina look” as I call it.  Which basically is just really nude/natural looking makeup.  As you can tell above the color is super light.  You can barely make out the line on my hand.  So I was excited to try this with my pink tinted lip gloss on top.  Thinking that this would make the perfect shade.

At first the lipstick feels very soft and creamy going on the lip, which made me think that this is a great, cheaper lipstick option.  Well the color looked horrible once it was on, and it looked chalky on the lips.  I did not like this product at all.  Now I am not saying that you should not try this, or that other people have the same results.  I am only saying that this lipstick is not for me.  If you want to see how it works then visit a store, like Ulta, that will let you apply some before the purchase.  Look at your lips, walk around with it for a little while, if you like it then great, but I was not pleased with this at all.  I probably will give this to my little sister since she basically just plays with makeup anyway 😦     

 072011 311

Next on my list of purchases is this pretty fall colored nail polish that I picked up at Wal Mart.  It is the Pure Ice brand in iced cooper.  This polish was only two dollars for the bottle!  I normally like to go with Essie or OPI for polishes.  Only because the quality is amazing and they last much longer.  But for two bucks I can’t really complain about this one.  The color is very pretty, and the polish is actually thick for a drugstore brand.  Unfortunately it did not last more than two days on my nails before it starting wearing off at the tips.  I imagine that if you cover this with a really good top coat it would last a little longer.  I would purchase this again 🙂 

I also purchased a Wet N Wild palette just to try out since they have new colors/formulas.  I will do a separate post on this purchase, with pics of the eye look that I created with it.  If you have any products that you are curious about let me know, I may have tried them.  I may even own them.  I have a variety of products both drug store purchases as well as department/name brands.  Or maybe you have something that you love you can share with me.  You never know it could be something that I haven’t tried yet.  Leave a comment for me, I love to hear about likes/dislikes when it comes to products! 

So all in all it was a pretty successful shopping trip.  I was pleased with most of my purchases.  Some of them are routine like lip balms (I have an addiction), cleanser, cotton balls, etc.  Which I spared you the “joy” of having to see pics and hear about them since we all use those types of items 🙂


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12 thoughts on ““Birthday” Haul”

  1. I hate chalky lipsticks! But I am a lipstick/gloss hoarder! I love make-up so It is a good thing we don’t have an Ulta here! But cheap lipgloss is fine with me 😉
    I love boots too and my hubby is the same way in not understanding why I need black, brown and camel colored boots in a variety of styles!

  2. It’s funny to see what people are willing to splurge on. I would never spend money on fishing gear, but food and show tickets are a totally different story 🙂 I’m so cheap when it comes to girly stuff though. I just passed up foundation because it was $7… oopsie!

  3. Will you still like me if I tell you that I never hwear makeup – and actually don’t really know how to put it on? I’ve only had my nails painted half a dozen times in my life. I’m an epic girl fail. But I DO love boots!

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