A change will do you good

Hello my blog friends!  Sorry I was a little MIA this week, it has been a hectic one.  Mixed in with some bad news.  You see any week is  busy for me at work, but give me a week with one less work day in it (while I love it) = hectic! 

As for the bad news…..two very good friends that I worked with at my last school are the pastor/youth pastor at the church I attend.  Their dad was rushed to the hospital several nights ago.  He is in ICU, doing better but still not sure what is going on.  So when you combine all of that I just didn’t feel like writing.

 072011 297 

Before I get on with my changes I have to give a big shout out to my friend Farrah of fairyhealthylife.  You see she had a giveaway several days back for someone to win four bags of Starbuck’s iced coffee beans.  I won the giveaway  🙂

072011 298

Oh but that’s not all.  I did get those four bags, but she also sent me a coffee mug – ❤ – a cute little bag that my kids love, a nice little note, and…….. two amazing slices of her pumpkin loaf! 

072011 296

Love, love, love.  I would be lying if I said I shared it.  I didn’t!  I ate one slice immediately, then enjoyed the second with breakfast 🙂

Thanks so much Farrah – you are so sweet….and I really love reading your blog!  You guys should go check her out!!


Now back to my changes.  Have you noticed a difference around here?  Yeah….good!  I have updated my photo, appearance, and pages.  I had a variety of posts I was planning to do to transition my blog this week but as explained above…..that didn’t happen.  So I spent my time off today to work on the blog, update some pages, and start transitioning things. 


I have explained some of my thoughts on where I am going briefly, but my new “about” page pretty much sums it up.  I contemplated on starting another blog where I could talk about my love of fashion and beauty.  It is something that I know I would enjoy writing about, but I kept putting it off.  Why you ask?  Because I knew how much work it would be to “run” two blog sites.  I barely have time for one!


This had me thinking about all of the different things that I enjoy in life.  Things that I would love to write about occasionally and share with my readers.  I have a couple of blogs that I follow that write about various things.  They do not follow any particular pattern or talk of only one topic.  One of the blogs I read daily is Love Life Project.  A blog where the writer, shout out to you Stephanie, writes about various things with success.  So I was inspired to do the same….

I was skeptical for a few weeks.  Not sure if I wanted to change things up.  I have to be honest and say that I was afraid I would lose some readers if the content doesn’t pertain to things they are interested in.  Then I realized that I was being silly.   

072011 090

This is my personal blog.  It is a space for me to be creative about things that I am passionate about.  A place for me to cut loose, be myself, and have fun.  Just as all of my wonderful blog friends do!  I created this space to be a reflection of me, so here we go guys and gals.  The newly transitioned happy living blog – Helen, Naturally! 


I hope that you guys enjoy it as much as I know I will 🙂


10 thoughts on “A change will do you good”

  1. I’m so sorry about your friends’ Dad. My thoughts are with him, and I hope that everything turns out ok.

    I’m excited to see where you go with your new focus (or lack thereof)! Honestly, I started loving blogging so much more when I stopped trying to force myself to colour inside the lines. I don’t think it really hurt my readership when I switched from healthy living to happy living. Yes, I lost some readers…but then I gained new ones. Everything ebbs and flows. I don’t think that you’ll regret this decision for a minute! (And thanks for the shoutout!).

  2. I don’t see why you would lose readers – I mean, your life includes the cooking/recipes so you will still do those but also include other life topics. Personally, I like the variety – it’s not just a new pancake or oatmeal recipe every day :D!
    I like the idea of fashion, shopping, decorating – whatever comes up in your life. Plus your blog title still fits: Helen Naturally (loves shopping); Helen Naturally (loves purses/TJMaxx, etc)!! See?! You “Naturally” like and do all these things called “living” and it is perfectly natural and totally OK with me that you blog about it.
    So sorry about your friend’s Dad – hopefully he will be OK, but I know how stressful that is.
    Oh and BTW, the Shrimp Festival is next weekend in Gulf Shores – are ya’ll going? I wish I could!
    Anyhow, I like the new angle, the new look, and the new happy living!!

  3. Helen, I really hope your friends dad is doing better today. Thank you for the shout out. You are a sweetheart! Im so glad you loved everything and the mug didn’t break! Did the bag crack you up?!

    Your blog was the first I ever read. It is what inspired me to make my own. You don’t need to change it one bit! It is awesome. I love that you write about your life. It makes it more personal, than just having recipes.

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