My Personal Space

How is your Monday treating you today? 

Mine – eh, okay.  It’s Monday, but I do have a reason to smile 🙂

Actually more than one but we will stick with the most important one – I have  a four day work week!  Our school system is closed Friday for our parish fair.  Guess what?  We also have a four day work week next week!  Our school system is closed next Friday….part of our whole budget cut issue.  It is usually a teacher work day but we had three days without pay taken from us this year.  Sounds fabulous right?  Well no not really.  Three days without pay means just that.  Our pay was cut by a total of what three days missed would equal to.  Which for me means a 40$ difference every month on the paycheck.  That and insurance went up again as usual, we didn’t get our step raises, so all in all my checks are about 100 bucks less than what they should be – this is net pay monthly 😦

Man how I love the public school system/state pay!!


Today I am going to share something with you that has me so excited!  It is all about my own personal space.  I  mean who doesn’t need their personal space?  This will be a two part post so just bear with me on the awkward transitions!

Let me clarify this a little, I am talking about my own personal space in the house that is designed for me and only me…as in dressing area!


Yep, I put the hubster to use this weekend with a few house chores.  One of those chores included moving the chest of drawers out of our closet and into the “play” room.  Our closet is designed to have a vanity area in it.  The light fixture and outlets were part of the original house plans, I for some unknown reason to me have never taken advantage of that.  Until now!

I searched the internet and stores most of Friday night and into Saturday trying to find a reasonably priced vanity.  Yeah they are expensive!  Then I got creative.  What exactly do I need with this vanity?  A tabletop obviously.  Shelves or drawers to hold items.  Nothing to big, but nothing really small.  So my bright idea was born 🙂


A simple student’s desk purchased at Wal Mart for a lovely 35$!  Now I can spend my money where it really needs to go – on product!  I am a product junky – but you didn’t hear me admit that 🙂

Now I am on the search for the perfect stool to place in here.  It needs to be of a good height, preferably with wheels, and it has to be cute!  At the moment I am using an extra kitchen chair that we have since we do not have the table extended.  I also have to pick up some items for organizational purposes such as cubes, drawer storage, etc.  The mirror needs to be officially hung onto the wall, and I need a surge protector for more outlet area.  I am just to freakin excited about this 🙂

So like I said – a work in progress but a very good start!


Insert some seriousness here…..

Okay so I realize that I have been posting periodically lately about non food related things.  At first I always kept to the food/recipe posts because that is what this blog started out as – a food blog.  However, after a year (almost) of blogging I have come to realize that there is more to me than a girl that loves to cook.  I have many passions in life.  Cooking, organizing, makeup, fashion, decorating, etc.  What can I say, I am a girl with many loves 🙂

Many of the blogs that I read are food focused, but I also read blogs that are about my other passions.  Several of them are formatted the way I see myself wanting to format my blog.  More of a my life and all that makes me happy type blog as opposed to focusing on one thing.  So I am going to begin the transition into what I call my “happy living” blog.  I have decided to include all areas of my life that I am passionate about.  I find this time of transitioning to be appropriate since this is the week of my blog birthday 🙂

I will begin introducing other posts into my blog over the course of the week leading up to the big day** Oct 9**, which brings me to the second part of My Personal Space.  This little blog is my personal space to share with all of you.  I feel that it is time to really make it my own. 

I hope many of you will continue to read the blog, and that you will continue to like/relate to the content that it includes.  Oh and expect a few little surprises this week as well 🙂

8 thoughts on “My Personal Space”

  1. Of course I’ll still read!!! It’s hard to write about one thing and one thing only. I didn’t really ask my readers if they minded if I posted about things other than food I just did it 🙂 People like to read about whatever you’re passionate about writing about.

  2. I’m not going anywhere! 🙂 I always really enjoy hearing about other aspects of bloggers lives, it really makes me feel as though I’m getting to “know” them. I use a desk as my vanity, too! Vanity’s are way expensive. My hubs had an old desk from high school that was in his parents house and I totally stole it for my hair and makeup purposes. It works great!

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