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WIAW – with my shot

**update:  I had computer issues at work earlier with trying to add the link for Jenn’s blog 😦  so I am know updating the page to reflect her link, go give that girl some love!

I had to get a shot today 😦

Whoever said those things do not hurt – you lied!

We had a local clinic provide flu shots for our staff at school, so like any good mother/school employee I patiently waited in line to have a needle jammed into the top of my arm.  I understand why my kids hate me so much when I take them for theirs.  For those future mothers out there…..never tell your kids it’s okay it is not going to hurt.  It does!

Now my arm is sore 😦

I feel like someone has punched me super hard in it.  I feel like I have lifted one to many reps of a way to heavy arm weight.  I feel like someone should invent an oral flu vaccination!  Is it funny to torture us with needles? 

If your house is like my house those things are a necessity.  Truly they are.  Last year the boys couldn’t get one due to the whole shortage thing.  Guess what?  They both had the flu.  At the same time!  Which meant a week of misery for us all, a week of work missed for us all, and a vacation was mucho, mucho needed seven days later for us all.  Well all but the hubster.  He didn’t get the flu.  He didn’t have the misery of taking care of sick children.  He didn’t have to eat up his PTO for a week at home caring for sick babies.  Guess what else?  He didn’t get to pick the vacation!

Peas and Crayons

So no matter how bad it hurts.  No matter how sore my arm is.  I will/can still enjoy a wonderful day of eats 🙂

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 072011 275 112010 186

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 072011 232

Breakfast:  Oat bowl, coffee (as usual)

Snacks:  Apples & nut butter (that is a picture of my son’s lunch…lol! – recycling pics :), yogurt

Lunch/Dinner:  Salads, baked beans w/ couscous

“Dessert””:  Sandwich thin with pumpkin, a little stevia,  & cream cheese


In other news – Helen, Naturally is gearing up for fall!  I battled the heat, climbed in the attic, and pulled down the fall decorations 🙂 

I have to tell you that I only put out fall decorations this time of the year.  I use to decorate for each holiday.  That became a little expensive.  Considering that the holidays change like crazy this time of year, I have small children that always break things, and did I mention I have small children?  Yeah they always see something new each year they want.  So now we stick with just fall decor!

 072011 276

A few items scattered on the mantle.

072011 277

Updated wreath!  This was super easy.  I removed the ribbons/butterflies from the summer version, wrapped a fall ribbon around the wreath, and then I simply hung the above sign that I already had in front of it, making it look like part of the wreath 🙂

Happy Fall ya’ll!

p.s. – Mr. Weather can you please cool down already.  I mean we are just a little tired of 90-100*temps here in Louisiana!  Mmmkay, thank you 🙂

4 thoughts on “WIAW – with my shot”

  1. Yeah, I need stop telling my girls that shots don’t hurt 😦

    At first, I thought your oats was a tortilla with some type of spread and granola ha!

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