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Fruit Salad – yummy, yummy

For those of you that have the “Wiggles” song stuck in your head now – I am sorry!

For those of you that have no idea who the “Wiggles” are – don’t Google them.  It is a scary thing.  I mean right up there with Barney & Teletubbies!

If you do not know who Barney & the Teletubbies are – then you have obviously been living under a rock.  Either that or you are very young, which means you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog anyway.

But today is not able crazy people trying to entertain children with silly songs.  Oh no, it is about fruit.  Real fruit.  Fruit that you buy at the farmer’s market.

Today’s fruit salad contains:  Arugula, pears, feta cheese, and walnuts.


Did you guys think that I was making a “fruit salad” of various fruits mixed together?  Yeah I thought maybe you did.  While I do like to enjoy that type of fruit salad, I am picky.  You see that has to be made right when I am going to eat it.  I can’t do an all fruit salad that sits in the fridge overnight, then 1/2 of the day until my lunch…, no that will not do.

But I did bring a peach to have with some nut butter later this afternoon so I do have a little (very tiny) variety in my fruit today 🙂



In my quest to “get back on track” I am tracking the foods and amounts that I am eating daily.   My checklist contains all foods that are essential for a healthy and balanced diet.  After my first several days, I realized that I am not consuming enough fruits.  I am getting about one serving a day.  ONE A Day!  With about 2-3 servings of vegetables.  The recommended number of fruit & veggie portions you should have daily is around six.  I am so not close. 

The fact that what I am consuming is mainly vegetables means that I need to really revamp my daily meals.  I have to get some more fruits in to my diet.  I am aiming for at least three servings per day.  So my little checklist has been really helping  me keep count of my daily consumptions, and showing me the areas that I need to improve 🙂 

Want one of the checklist to help keep yourself on track, or maybe just to help you see what foods you consume the most?  Follow the link below to download the form and print out for yourself 🙂

So I have been doing relatively well with my back on track plan this week with a few exceptions and this little handy dandy chart.  I did get a 3rd cup of coffee this morning and a diet coke for lunch (I know right!).  In my defense I had a very bad morning at home (the hubster didn’t dry clothes – kohl didn’t have one uniform shirt dry, not ONE!) which caused me to be a little late for work this morning, and then I had an early IEP meeting with a parent.  It was a very difficult meeting, difficult as in sad 😦

This left me feeling drained and with a headache early on.  So I figured a 3rd cup of coffee would help.  As for the diet coke, well I drink one like every couple of months – no seriously like months!  I wanted a treat after my rough morning – I gave myself one!

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend 🙂

8 thoughts on “Fruit Salad – yummy, yummy”

  1. Unfortunately, I am quite familiar with the Wiggles. And unfortunately, I know all of the words to that fruit salad song. 😛 They actually weren’t around when I was a kid, but were all the rage for my younger siblings. Sorry about the bad morning! Sometimes life happens and you just have to cut yourself some slack. Circumstances have definitely caused me to stray from my detox plan a couple times…

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