Small changes add up

Look up…..notice something?  Anything? 

Yep, it’s a new header.  I know it seems crazy to put up a picture of watermelon as we are going into fall, but I never claimed to be sane.  I have actually tried to tell you guys many times that I am crazy. 


As well as OCD!  Which means that things have to look neat and organized.  So venture on over to the recipe page after this to see how organized I have gotten 🙂

This is what you do when a tropical storm ruins your weekend!

That and you throw fits….which makes the hubster take you out to eat.  Only you go to the closest restaurant since the weather is crazy.  That would be Chili’s.  Nothing to write home about.  I ordered the new Chicken Club Quesadilla.  This dish was so friggin hot that I couldn’t eat much.  I managed to get one wedge down before I had to give it up.  I downed a huge glass of water while eating that one wedge.  I do not recommend this dish unless you have no taste buds!

I would have rather stayed home, ordered pizza, and worked on getting neat and orderly….

Oh wait I did that too 🙂


I have been meaning to put some maintenance time in on the blog.  By organizing the recipes I can now see areas where a little TLC is needed. 

Take Beverages for example.  While I drink smoothies often, I only have one recipe on the blog for a smoothie…what!  So now I have three smoothie recipes to be proud of.  I have intentions to post more.  With football season under way, I am sure you guys may see the occasional adult beverage thrown in the mix as well 🙂

I am spending time in the kitchen today so you guys will have some good posts to look forward to 🙂

I will make a mental note to post more recipes in the areas that are slacking…..um maybe I should write that down.  After all mental notes apparently do not get carried out around here.  You know since I am crazy and all!

4 thoughts on “Small changes add up”

  1. Very nice! I like the new header! And don’t apologize for having a watermelon up in the fall. Watermelon is one of the two best foods in the world (the other one being clementines), so it should be celebrated year-round. I like the snazzy new recipe page!

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