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WIAW – um what I can’t eat….

Thanks to the wonderful Jenn for hosting out weekly party of What I Ate Wednesday 🙂

Peas and Crayons

I look forward to this day all week long.  Usually because I have something yummy I want to share.  Occasionally because I have nothing else in my brain to write.  But often just to be a part of a wonderful party, hosted by a wonderful person, that involves wonderful people in a wonderful community.

Did I suck up to you guys enough for today?  Okay good, because….

I am going to change things up a little bit here today.  How?  Well I am going to share with you this mornings breakfast…

Then the remaining photos will be of foods eaten on Monday & Tuesday.  Why?

Well do you remember I mentioned looking forward to Wednesday in Monday’s post?  Yeah!  Good..

I was off of work today.  I made a trip to Victoria’s Secret (by the way, anyone know what her secret is?)!

072011 177 

Then I went on to an appointment I had schedule.  What you thought I was taking a day off of work for underwear?  Not a bad idea, I have done that before (not necessarily for those items), but today is the day that I had the FINAL….let me say that again….FINAL wire put on my braces 🙂

Yippee…..I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I hope I never have to venture into this tunnel again.  As long as my jaw decides to cooperate I shouldn’t have to, because then I would probably just go with the “break it and splint it” option.  That way I could lose those ten stubborn pounds I have acquired over the past year. 

Who am I kidding!  They have some yummy stuff that you can drink through a straw 🙂

So I haven’t been able to eat today.  I probably will not chew for several days.  I am in pain.  I mean actual pain!  This isn’t the usual mouth a little sore so stick with soft foods for today/tomorrow.  No this is “I feel like they were trying to rip my molars out of my mouth I will be lucky to chew by the weekend” pain 😦

I foresee lots of smoothies/oats in my immediate future.  Which are yummy so I can’t complain as far as the eats go.  Frozen Yogurt is really tasty when you can’t chew 🙂

But then again I probably should complain a lot, ya know so the hubster has pity on me!

072011 176

 072011 142  072011 173 

 072011 175 

072011 172072011 174

  • pancakes – funfetti w/ cashew butter, plum w/ dark chocolate dream, pear w/ white chocolate wonder (it’s a celebration)
  • Angela’s chocolate cake batter smoothie
  • chocolate banana soft serve w/ dark chocolate dream on top
  • baked sweet potato w/ cashew butter & maple
  • Mama Pea’s summer succotash quesadilla
  • Mama Pea’s baked penne w/ “sausage” and peppers

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

18 thoughts on “WIAW – um what I can’t eat….”

  1. That’s funny – when I saw thus title I thought it said “What Can’t I Eat Wednesday”! And I was thinking, yeah that’s me, what can I not eat?!

    But then I read about the wire. 😦 Sorry about your mouth but as you said, there are tons of smoothie options, plus mashed sweet potatoes with nut butter is doable. And hummus, lots of hummus on a spoon 😉
    Food looks delectable as usual!
    Hope your feeling better – gargle with salt water or get viscous lidocaine!

  2. Aww I’m so sorry about the pain! Hearing you say that makes me nervous because my poor baby sister is getting braces this weekend and I’m SO AFRAID FOR HER! She’s so little and it makes me sad to think that she will be in pain… 😦 I’m sad for you too, but it’s a good thing that you’re close to being done with them!

  3. Shiver, I remember the pain of braces. My orthodontist actually wanted me to do stage 2 and get them on again in high school and I was like “uh no I can live with imperfect teeth.” Oh my gosh, that cake batter smoothie. Did you love it? I’m obsessed.

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