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Want to see my Hugh Jass?

Haha…bet you thought you would click open a picture of a big bootay didn’t ya? 

I am crazy but not that crazy…..

Okay, maybe I am that crazy….but I have a feeling I may have lost a few readers from the title of this post.  I would never want to lose the rest of you guys by showing you a picture of my bootay.  And yes that is a real sign, you can get those on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  I mean who doesn’t want a huge a$$ beer to go?

Has anyone ever seen one of those signs anywhere else?  Anyone, anywhere?  I have always wondered if New Orleans was the only city were that was available….

So on to my Hugh Jass.  First I must say thanks to Mama Pea for giving us the Hugh Jass!  Where would we be without her?

    072011 167

Complete with grilled shrimp!

072011 169

So just in case you are wondering….you know if you don’t have the book…..this is just a Hugh Jass Salad.  In the mix:  romaine hearts, spinach, brown rice pasta, carrots, broccoli slaw, green peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, banana peppers, olive pieces, & shrimp. 

072011 170

There are no rules with Hugh Jass salads.  You can throw in whatever you want!

072011 168

This is easily  becoming one of my favorite meals…..oh wait.  It has always been a favorite.  I just never knew to call it a Hugh Jass 🙂

072011 166

I think the vintage window frames that are suppose to be hanging on my kitchen wall make a great photo, don’t you?  If you can get the hubster to hang these anytime soon I will forever be your best friend.  Believe me you will be okay with me as your bestie. 

I make this…..

blog photos 858  

and this…….

blog photos 843

oh and I frequently pick up some of this……

blog photos 630

Not to mention you can have my Hugh Jass!

10 thoughts on “Want to see my Hugh Jass?”

  1. I love your Hugh Jass! It makes me think of one of our favourite actors: Hugh Jassman. And also, I’m so jealous of your vintage windows! I want some for my house, but they aren’t easy to find!

  2. Love that “hugh jass” salad. And Mama Pea’s intro the that recipe in the book. Grilled shrimp would be an awesome inclusion. Although I’m not sure Mama Pea would approve 😛 We totally got a “hugh jass beer” when we were on Bourbon! Joey couldn’t resist.

  3. Hahahahaah I love this post! 🙂 Is that hugh jass salad in her cookbook? I just recently picked it up at Borders because they’re going out of business.

  4. Lol, i loved that part of the recipe book and i agree with stephanie, every time i see it i think of hugh jackman – mmmmm 🙂
    AND vintage windows? Hello food bloggers dream, maybe you shouldn’t be in such a rush to put them up? Either way i’ll be right over 🙂 🙂 🙂

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