I <3 weekends

I have had a fantabulous weekend, thank you for asking!

What was so special about this weekend? 

Well nothing really.  We did most of the same things that we normally do on a weekend…..with the exception of “big groceries” and babysitting my little niece.


  • Made a trip to Target
  • Made a trip to farmer’s market
  • Spent a lazy Saturday at home
  • Ate a wonderful breakfast
  • Enjoyed church services
  • Spent time on the lake
  • Had our usual “big” Sunday meal

So let’s get to the lazy Saturday, mmkay!

Yeah I made a wonderful small pot of my favorite fall coffee.  Cinnamon Roll Community Coffee….love it!

072011 171

I felt like it was a lazy fall Saturday.  That is until I stepped outside in 100 degree heat…..yikes (okay let me just say in Louisiana we get like two days of fall).  Fall will you please hurry, pretty please???

Now I will give you a peak into an area you have never seen before…..the pantry and fridge.  Stocked full of wonderful foods and veggies….

 072011 160 072011 161

072011 163

Did you see what was front and center in the pantry?

072011 162

I am addicted.  I need help.  Is there a nut butter anonymous that anyone knows about?

072011 165 072011 164

Filled up the fruit bowl and restocked the banana supply….um we have more bananas in the freezer.  I buy two bunches.  One for snacks/oats and one for the freezer.  Between Kohl and I we are some smoothie lovers!

Of course the highlight for me was the Sunday dinner.  I love to cook bigger dinners on Sundays since I am at home most of the day with time to spend in the kitchen.  This weeks dinner was partly thanks to the wonderful Angela of Oh She Glows.

 072011 153 

We enjoyed her ultimate walnut lentil loaf 🙂

072011 156

In my quest to eat more of  a vegetarian diet, I decided to give this a try.  Loved it! 

The hubster agreed that it was good, but in his words “it has no meat flavor”.  Okay so I may need to try to figure out how to get some “meat flavor” into it for it to be a favorite, but at least he ate it without complaint 🙂

072011 157

072011 159

Then I ended my night with my favorite weekend treat.  Ice Cream!  Oh and an Oreo…..couldn’t resist 🙂

I’ll take that thankyouverymuch!  Now I am off to run/relax.  I have been in a training workshop all day today.  I will be in a training workshop all day tomorrow.  But can’t wait for Wednesday, why?  Wait and see hear!

10 thoughts on “I <3 weekends”

  1. Sounds like a great weekend!!!
    I love nosing around peoples pantries, have you tried the cinnamon raisin peanut butter and co kind? i might have just ate 1/4 of a jar making dinner right now and there is a wee chance i ordered justins but butter online because they don’t sell it in canada! teehehee 🙂

  2. Seriously , someone needs to send me some of that white chocolate peanut butter. I see it everywhere in blog land but no where on the grocery store shelves. Maybe it isn’t even available in Canada…? They don’t ship to Canada either – boo!

  3. I’ve never tried flavoured nut butter, but all of the posts in blogland are definitely making me wish that I could! I’ve never seen them in any stores around here. I love the picture of you all snuggled under your blanket. I had to laugh when I read that it was 100 degrees where you are.You must keep your house really cool!

  4. I love the weekend too!! I’ve made Angela’s lentil loaf and thought it was great. Better than real meatloaf if you ask me 😛 The only reason I haven’t made it again is because there was so much chopping and shredding and it took some time. Maybe it needs some liquid smoke?

    1. I picke up some liquid smoke to try next time, but the hubs doesn’t really like lentils anyway :(. Oh and as fir chopping/shredding, I used my food processor and it turned out fine so cut back on time!

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