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When life gives you crabs

I cheated last night!

No not on the hubster – shame on you for those thoughts!

Although if say Josh Duhamel, Ryan Reynolds, Matthew McConaughey, or Vin Diesel walked into my life I just may have to consider that.  What can I say – I like the bad boys!

Just ask the hubster, he would agree 🙂

But on that note no it wasn’t that kind of cheat.  I cheated with food.  And not the dessert kind.  Although if you have any of that handy that you would like to share I am open for deliveries today…mmkay!

  072011 129 

You see the hubster came home with this a few days ago……

 072011 130

And then we acquired these Sunday night…….

 072011 131

Which left me with only one option.  I had to go get some of these 🙂

Okay so “math” trivia time:  okra + crabs + shrimp = ?

Anybody? – no Sabrina you can’t answer…..you are born and raised Louisiana that would be cheating!


Well if you guessed a big ol’ pot of cajun gumbo then you would be right 🙂

I know last night was Monday.  I know I am suppose to stick to my meatless Monday deal – but technically this doesn’t have any meat in it.  It has seafood.  Which is just to darn good to give up.  And it is fresh & local which makes it a-okay in my book!

Now for the cheating part – I used a packaged mix.  *Gasp*  I know right! 

But I did – Of course the Louisiana brand gumbo mix is made with wheat flour, and regular oil – no hydrogenated nothing here.  Unfortunately it is loaded with sodium 😦 

But it is Monday night, it is a scheduled run night, the hubster wasn’t home until 5:00, and I am just to darn busy/exhausted to even think about making a homemade gumbo.  So I cheated. 

It was yum!

Now does anyone know how I can get in touch with Josh Duahmel?


6 thoughts on “When life gives you crabs”

  1. You should never apologize for eating! I’ve actually never tried gumbo before. And I’ll send Josh over as soon as we’re finished. (Just to be clear, Josh isn’t here. I just said that to be funny. I had to google him to remember what he looks like…sorry!)

  2. GUMBO!!! It’s okay to cheat if you’re a native. My mom uses Zataran’s gumbo base for hers, as does my uncle and my grandma (a New Orleans resident all her life) used Stouffer’s in her cajun stuffing 🙂

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