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Just call me Quaker

Do you remember those nice hot bowls of oatmeal you use to eat as a kid?  You know the ones that came out of a pack, went into the microwave, and gave you a nice creamy bowl of oats.

Flavored oats at that!  Nice and sweet.  Creamy and gooey.  You know what I am talking about.  Of course my favorite flavors were the cream flavors.  I didn’t care which it was.  Strawberries and cream, blueberries and cream, peaches, bananas, you get the picture. 

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Well as much as I like those little packets of oatmeal, I have to admit they are not so healthy for you.  They have all sorts of crazy ingredients in them.  Things that would make you grandma tisk tisk at you for not making your own.  After all it really isn’t all that hard.

So that is just what I did!  I make my own cream variety oatmeal.  The boys love it.  I love it.  We can all pronounce the ingredients that are used in making them.

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The first thing that you must do is simply to decide which fruit/flavor you want.  I know that is the hardest part, but really you must decide.  Of course unless you just want to mix them all together – yes I have done it – and yes it is good!

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Then you gather all of the ingredients you need to make it.  No chemist is needed.  All ingredients are natural, healthy, wholesome….doesn’t that put a smile on your face 🙂

  112010 251

Ingredients:  rolled oats, almond milk, water, stevia, vanilla, dash of salt, and a splash of light cream.

See I told you no chemist needed.  If you do not have light cream, no worries.  It is used to splash on top.  You can use a little more almond milk. 

  • 1/2c rolled oats (pour water over oats til just covered)
  • 1/2c almond milk
  • 1/2c water
  • few drops of stevia
  • dash of vanilla
  • dash of salt
  • light cream
  1. let oats soak while heating your milk and water.
  2. add the remaining ingredients into the milk mixture.
  3. pour in oats when the water begins to simmer, lower temp, and cook until done.
  4. stir in your fruit of choice during the last few minutes of cook time.
  5. serve in a pretty bowl with a splash of light cream on top

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Of course you may add in flaxseed, chia, etc into the mixture as well.  Not necessary, but I would totally suggest you do for the added benefits.  Add more fruit on top.  Enjoy!

  112010 253 

Now if you will excuse me I have to buy more fruit.  And more cream.  I foresee mass production in the future!

8 thoughts on “Just call me Quaker”

    1. I wake up early enough to ensure breakfast but here is a tip….if I have a busy morning I make them at night place in fridge then add a little milk in the morn and microwave them:)

  1. Love this! Sometimes I add light or fat free cream cheese to my oatmeal for that creamy effect. I love peaches in mine.
    (I just love the visual of you as a Quaker 😉 )

  2. this is going to sound crazy, but I’m not normally a big fan of oats for breakfast! I like oats IN things, but I don’t usually crave them in the morning. That said, I actually had a bowl this morning because I was out of my usual breakfast staples, and I was surprised and how delicious and filling it was!

  3. What, no WIAW post?! Just kidding, I love posts all about oatmeal too! I used to love those Quaker packets as a kid. Especially the blue oatmeal with sprinkles shaped like marine life. I should be ashamed 😛

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