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Move over Pilsbury

 072011 112  

There’s a new roll in town!

One that is sure to please with it’s soft, doughy, sticky layers.

072011 113

One that is made with lot’s of love.

072011 116

One that has an ingredient list that doesn’t include words such as “monstyfennwlxoogj”, I mean really is that not what it seems you are reading when you look at labels today?

072011 115

Yep, it includes all natural ingredients!

 072011 114

We are in love 🙂

Oh you want the recipe?

Well, okay, but it will require a trip to the book store.

You must buy this book to get the recipe.

Then make them for the family and smile while they fall in love.

Thank you Mama Pea for providing me with such a fabulous recipe!


This is just one of many recipes that I have already tried from Peas and Thank You, the cook book written by the blog world’s very own Mama Pea.  I strongly urge you to buy the book if you haven’t already.  I have yet to make anything out of the book that wasn’t delish.  My family has enjoyed all the recipes, and they are simple with simple ingredients.

I made these Friday morning (ya know cuz it’s Friday) which was a great treat for a rainy morning.  I used her tip of making the dough the night before.  This made breakfast super easy.  I removed them from the fridge and let them sit for about 45 minutes while I was dressing, then popped them in the oven to bake.  By the time everyone was out of bed and ready to start the day, breakfast was ready!

I made very minimal changes due to what I had on hand.  For example oat flour vs. wheat flour, added in some protein powder, coconut oil in place of butter, and stevia in place of sugar.  This was simply done because I was either out of said ingredients or in the case of stevia – I wanted to use a better option as opposed to sugar.

The boy’s loved them 🙂

I loved them!

The hubster – well he missed out.  Guess he shouldn’t leave for work so early!

13 thoughts on “Move over Pilsbury”

  1. Looks like we both had cinnamon rolls on the mind! 🙂 These look so yummy, I have been DYING to get Mama Pea’s book but my budget is so tight now that I just haven’t made the move. The price just dropped on Amazon though, maybe now is the time!

  2. I’ve made those cinnamon rolls too!! Great idea to make them the night before, they were so easy to pull out of the fridge and put in the oven. I can’t believe I’ve only made one recipe from the book so far!! Which have you tried?

  3. Oh, I want some. I know that I always say that on your blog, but this time I mean it. Actually, I meant it every other time as well. Could you please come live with me? Thanks!

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