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I had the wonderful opportunity this weekend to partake in one of my favorite pastimes 🙂

No it wasn’t baking or cooking – although that would have been enjoyable as well.  I know the whole butter thing threw you off, we are getting to that I promise.

And no I didn’t make my own butter either – who do you think I am?

Don’t answer that!  And do not ask the hubster!

Nope my activity had nothing to do with the kitchen.  Although it did include an iced coffee and some dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses (no judgment people).   🙂

No I didn’t make a no bake dessert.  I told you it has nothing to do with a kitchen.  Although if it is no bake then technically you wouldn’t need a kitchen!

My Saturday was spent at two places:  JC Penney & Target

Who doesn’t love Target?  I mean really I could spend hours in that store!  Weekend adventures included a little shopping.  Which I love 🙂

But that is not the best part.  Oh no, you want to know what is?

 072011 119        

I scored these three (yes THREE) pairs of shoes for a whole whopping 21 bucks!

072011 122

Very cute wedges 🙂

072011 120

Love the zipper details 🙂

072011 121

The. most. comfortable. clogs. ever!

072011 123

Then I scored these navy pants and this simple black undershirt – for a total of 16 bucks!

072011 124

That’s not all…..I also came home with the above two shirts for work.  I love girlie t-shirts.  They are perfect for any occasion.  Wear with jeans for casual, or with a skirt and belt for dress 🙂

For a total of……are you ready?  Maybe you should sit down…..FREE!  Yep, totally free. 

The cashier looked at me crazy when I asked that my purchases be placed on two separate transactions.  You see I had one coupon for 10$ off a 25$ purchase.  Which is where the black top came in.  I needed the navy pants for work.  They were only 21.99.  Which means I need to spend four more bucks.  No problem, grab the lovely undershirt that is on clearance for 4.20!  Besides when you have no…..uhm boobs…you have to wear an undershirt with nearly everything.

072011 125

I also had a second coupon for 15$ off of a purchase of 15$ or more when using your store card.  The shirts were on sale – buy one get one for a dollar.  The shirt cost 14$.  So of course when you add your second one for a dollar, your transaction is a total of 15 bucks……following me?  Hand guy the coupon.  The register totals out to $0.00……and he thought I was crazy!

072011 126

Do you see how perfectly that top goes with those shoes!  Same color, shoes one shade darker than top – key to fashion 🙂

Just call me butter because I am on a roll 🙂 


Of course this is a food blog so it wouldn’t be complete without some pics of food.  I really needed to refuel after my shopping adventures.

072011 128

Mama Pea’s “Whole Wheat Ginger Pear Waffles” from…..the book 🙂

072011 127

See you later, that is if you are in Penney’s or Target as well!

8 thoughts on “Butter”

  1. I love Tar-jay! I got some super cute wedges a few weeks ago when we were in Jackson. Sadly I dont have a Target :(. But I love coupons and good deals – I love to use them on clothes and groceries. My niece has a blog, ( where she gives links and tips on coupons. I go there all the time to try and save!
    Take a pic when you wear the outfit!

  2. There’s just so much love for Target in the blog-world! I think that that Target finally opened some stores in Canada last year, but there isn’t one close to me. Someday I’ll get to go!

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