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WIAW – Overload

Happy hump day to you all!  I do mean hump as in the middle of the week, over the worst part, all down hill from here…….yeah right! 

For those of you with your minds in certain places – get them out!  Between servicing two schools (which involves traveling), two children, homework, laundry, two children, cooking/cleaning, did I mention two children? – Yeah we do not have very much of that going on in my house. 

Which means that I am talking about the very first point – not the second – although that could be an interesting topic????  Wonder if the hubster would like to discuss that with me.  Anyone busy tonight?  I need a baby sitter!  Bow chicka wow wow 🙂

Ok, ok – enough!  You guys are only interested in what I eat on Wednesdays – not my personal issues.  Or at least I hope that is what you are interested in.

  072011 091

072011 098  

Breakfast – coffee & a fabulous bowl of oats.  Fully topped with bananas, strawberries, cinnamon, and not one but two nut butters.  A natural peanut butter and PB & Co. white chocolate wonder…..oh why have I not tried this before?  I am in love, please send reinforcements soon!

Insert banana for snack here – not pictured.  No judging.  I am sure the other cars on the interstate are thankful that I was not trying to get the perfect angle for a banana pic!

 072011 099

072011 100072011 101

Lunch – veggie sandwich.  Complete with spinach, cucumber, and tomato.  NO HUMMUS!  What!!  Yeah some idiot forgot to pack the hummus this morning.  That idiot would be me.  No judging.  I work in special education for a public school – enough said!  So I ate my dry sandwich, fruit cup, and brownie bite.  And.  Loved.  Every.  Bite!

Insert “diet coke float” here – provided for us in the teacher’s lounge.  Sorry no pic.  I do not think they are familiar enough with me yet for me to break out the camera and photograph my eats.  Maybe later.  Not to mention it just felt so darned good in the lounge.  Our air is not working in our rooms.  Seriously, no air – grumpy Helen!


112010 259

112010 210

Dinner – Red beans & rice, salad, and corn bread.  Yep they are canned beans.  Nope I do not care! 

Traveling between schools, one school without computer access, the other without air, and an after school dentist appointment for Noah.  I could care less where dinner comes from at this point……

After all, I need to concentrate on my personal life issues (bow chicka wow wow)!

9 thoughts on “WIAW – Overload”

  1. Bahahaha, you always get me laughing! I’ll be your babysitter, HAHA! After living with my parents and siblings for the summer, I can understand how such “personal issues” can arise LOL. I can’t believe I am talking about this in a comment. Never a dull moment on Helen, Naturally! 🙂

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