Food – for thought that is

I refuse to do anything today.  Yep, refuse.  No laundry.  No cleaning.  Nothing!

Why?  Because today is my anniversary 🙂

But also because work starts back tomorrow.  My summer break is over.  So today I am relishing in the total freedom of being home all day, eating fro-yo, grilling burgers, and making cookies with some very handsome little guys 🙂

But I will leave you guys with some “food” for thought!


  • The only time I ever look forward to a red light is when I need to finish a text…..come on you do it too!
  • I am always nervous when I exit out of word/excel and the box pops up asking do I want to save changes…..did I make changes worth saving?
  • Life should have a save changes button like word/excel….and some people should triple question if changes were worth making!
  • MapQuest needs to start at #5 – I am sure we can all get out of our neighborhoods 🙂
  • Was learning cursive really necessary?
  • How the heck do you fold a fitted sheet?
  • I totally take back all the times I didn’t want to take a nap when I was younger….nap time should be mandatory at all ages!
  • No matter how insignificant that thing is that you have to do……do it as well as you can.
  • Always look at a mistake as an opportunity to learn!


  • Never be afraid to try something new.  Remember Amateurs built the Ark, Professionals built the Titanic 🙂

15 thoughts on “Food – for thought that is”

  1. I love everything about this post!!! (except the part where you have to go back to work tomorrow!)
    Enjoy your time and seriously when i open bank accounts for kids in my office and they ask me if they have to use cursivei i tell them its all a scam and they won’t have to use it when the grow up, i certainly don’t 😀

  2. Happy Anniversary – while I wish you were still here at the beach – the next best thing is eating fro-yo on the couch! I hope to get some fro yo later – my town has no places to go. I hear Cold Stone sells yogurt now, so I am gonna try there.
    Love the list – especially about the Ark!

  3. Nope, learning cursive was not necessary. Learning to read it? Yes. But writing? Not so much. When I was teaching fourth grade, I rebelled against spending time every day teaching cursive. I wasn’t too popular with the other teachers on my team for a little while…but seriously.

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