The Beach

The two words that the hubster could live without!

Where do you want to go on vacation?  The beach.

Where do you want to go for our anniversary weekend? The beach.

What can we do this weekend since we have no plans?  The beach.

Where should we retire?  The beach……

You get the picture, I totally love the beach.  Which is the reason that we make our little weekend trip every year for our anniversary.  That and the fact that it is July/August, hot as burning coals, and a short drive away.  I mean where else can we go with those factors working against us? 

So every year we make our way towards the gulf coast for a little weekend rendezvous!

072011 021

The plan was to stay in Gulf Shores, AL.  I say the plan.  We ended up somewhere else.  Because the hotel which was advertised to have “beach access” and a “3rd story pool overlooking the gulf” was actually a hotel across the street from the beach with a pool above the parking pavilion (3rd story? I think not!) that overlooked the lovely towering hotels across the street on the beach.  They seriously need to work on some advertising. 

So of course all things were booked unless we wanted to pay 350+$ a night!  What are we to do.  Sleep in the car and use public access to beach?  I think not!  Sleep on the beach like the beach bum that the hubster swears I could be?  Come on I have a little more class than that, I would at least need a tent 🙂

072011 016

We headed to Pensacola Beach, FL!  Which is my favorite place to be with the two of us.  Destin would be my favorite for a family adventure.  The beaches are prettier, sand is whiter, water is so clear, we only go to Gulf Shores occasionally to knock of driving time.  That and we love to go to Flora-Bama – ever been there?  It’s fun!  So one long short hour drive down the coast and we hit the lovely island of Pensacola Beach – and yes it is an island!

072011 039 072011 012 

 072011 028 072011 030

I’m a happy camper, without a tent of  course.  I guess the Hampton Inn will have to do!

 072011 017 072011 018

We were lucky enough to score a room with two beds, one for me, one for the hubster!  Yay this is looking good!  All kidding aside….this was the only non-smoking room available, and since I left my tent at home it will have to do 🙂

Hotel complete with (real) beach access, stunning views, a pool side bar, horse shoes, life preservers that make great photo props (if only the auto pic feature would take better pics), and a crazy pelican.  A pelican the we had to pose with for pics because we are really act like 15-year-olds on occasion.

 072011 022  072011 037 

072011 030

 072011 074 072011 075

 072011 076

 072011 078 072011 079

072011 072  072011 073

It was a fun filled weekend!  I was so sad to have to go.  I cried all the way home.  I already miss the beach and would happily go back, tent or no tent. 

072011 080

But the sadness didn’t last too long.  I had this lovely thing waiting for me when I arrived home……ah Mama Pea makes things so much better 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Beach”

  1. Ha! We are leaving for Gulf Shores today – and yeah been to Flora-bama eons ago! I love Fl as well and we always drive over there for a day but condos are less expensive in GS. It looks like y’all had nice weather.
    We must be twins – cause my Mama Pea book will be here when I get back! I can’t wait to read it!
    Glad you had a good time and good luck at school!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Your pictures of the beach are gorgeous!! I’ve only been to the beach twice in my life. I will live it out through you!

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