Pensacola Beach – The Food

So you guys are probably wondering what in the heck happened to the good eats that I had on my weekend getaway!

Oh you aren’t wondering about that.  Well I am going to tell you about it anyway 🙂

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So If you follow me on twitter then you know that we stopped for BBQ on the way over…..and I may or may not have mentioned a story to go along with it.  Yeah it’s a story……

The hubster loves BBQ.  He will take every opportunity he can to eat BBQ – that or steak.  He really loves steak, what do guys see in eating animal ribs.  Or “rump” roast….I mean do you know why they call it rump roast?  Because if they called it cow’s a$$ no one would eat it!

Alright I am getting of track here.  So back to Friday’s lunch…..uuhh late lunch.  So being the loving wife that I am, I lovingly allowed the hubster to stop at one of his favorite places.  After all he only gets it like once a year!

072011 005

The Shed.  Yes it looks like a shed.  You see the story behind this place is that some college guy started collecting all the scraps and junk that people would throw out.  He was in MS by the way.  Once he decided that college wasn’t for him, he moved back home to Ocean Springs, MS.  With his junk in tow.  He used that junk to “build” the shed.  If you can call it building.  You can visit the website to get the whole story.  I just gave you the short version.

He has several eateries scattered across the coast.  All built in the same fashion.  We have only been to the Ocean Springs one so I was curious to see what the Gulfport one looked like.  I typed the address into the GPS.  We didn’t make it to The Shed Gulfport.  We went on a joy ride for 20 minutes and decided turn around.  I may or may not have typed the address in wrong.  Hey I had hunger pains give me a break!

So we stopped at the original one in Ocean Springs.  Guess I will have to make another trip….

072011 009

You can literally write on every inch of his property, with his blessing.  Oh and the ceiling has forks stuck in it.  The whole building is covered with one dollar bills on the inside (walls, ceilings, posts) do you know how much money this man would lose in a fire!

072011 008 072011 011

We always get the sampler plate which includes all things bbq – sausage, chicken, brisket, ribs, bread, & with sides of potato salad, macaroni salad, and coleslaw.  All creamy mayo loaded sides.  All artery clogging ingredients.  All not so good for your body food.  But damn that sauce is so good 🙂

072011 038 072011 033 072011 036  

Friday night was leftovers for the hubster.  Yes The Shed feed both of us for lunch with enough for his dinner, the above is just one of the plates we got from the box.  I lovingly enjoyed a nice veggie sub from Subway, with a few chips, and a raspberry-cheesecake cookie!


We stayed in the Hampton which provided us with hot breakfast (and snacks) each morning.  We loved eating breakfast out on the deck in the pool area!

072011 013 072011 014 

I enjoyed a waffle with peanut butter and honey with a bowl of fruit on the side.  The hubster ate sausage and eggs.  Not worth photographing!

072011 031 072011 032

Snacks for the beach.  Dominos spinach and mushroom pizza for lunch!

Saturday night was our big night.  We went to the hubster’s favorite place on the beach.  We are doing a lot of the hubster’s favorite places to eat don’t you think?  Well since he goes to the beach with me every year with no complaint….I let him eat where he wants to!

072011 044

Crabs We Got Em!

072011 070072011 052

072011 053072011 051

Compete with crab races, a play ground, live entertainment, and a view.  Yes, that was taken while sitting at my table.  Love eating on the beach 🙂

  072011 045 072011 048

We decided to wait for our table at the bar where we enjoyed some popcorn…..

072011 046 072011 047 

and a wonderful fruity drink.  Rum and fresh strawberries blended til smooth, why yes thank you.  I opted for the large so I could keep the glass.  Can you imagine all of the yummy smoothies/green monsters I can enjoy in this thing?

 072011 049 072011 050 

Once seated at the table we enjoyed the fresh honey buns.  YUM!  Little doughnuts covered in cinnamon-sugar with honey dip.  It was like eating dessert before the meal!

   072011 054 072011 056

First course for me…..Crab soup with a shot of sherry.

072011 058 072011 059

This soup was good on flavor but short on crab meat.  I was expecting to get chunks of meat with this, sadly that wasn’t the case.  And yes, I did put the sherry into the soup. 

 072011 062 072011 069

The hubster enjoyed some Alaskan King Crab with potatoes, sausage, and corn on the cob. 

072011 063  072011 065

I enjoyed a yellow fin tuna steak with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.

The best darn mashed potatoes ever!  

072011 064072011 066

I didn’t have room for dessert after all of this food.  Believe it or not most of my plate came home with me.  Which means I was able to enjoy it twice.  The hubster thinks it is because of the soup.  I say it is because of that huge jass drink 🙂


Sunday for me was super easy.  We enjoyed the breakfast at the hotel again, ate leftover pizza for lunch, and I had my leftover tuna for dinner.  I stopped and picked up a surprise for the hubster.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for making him happy.  I know steak and potatoes are his favorite.  I sucked it up and grilled a t-bone steak for him, which comes from the loin…..

After all he isn’t to big on eating cow’s a$$!

9 thoughts on “Pensacola Beach – The Food”

  1. I was totally going to ask what you ate!!!!
    That tuna looks amazing 🙂 and that shed place sounds like so much fun!
    Love the cheerios snack on the beach awesome idea 😀
    I think we should add daquiris to the list of drinks we will one day have with each other, lol!

  2. Wow, I live in MS and haven’t heard of The Shed! What is it about establishments that are falling in/apart that are so good and always the best food? (hello Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa, AL). maybe it’s because they aren’t worried about the flair of the building that they can focus on the food!!!
    We are in Gulf Shores now and it is so nice. I am excited because it’s tax free shopping day here on Friday! Of course that means the Foley Outlet is gonna be cra-crazy! But I can dish with the best of them!
    Oh and thanks for following me on Twitter (missle). I don’t post a whole lot – mainly read (I am boring) but I do appreciate the follow!
    Great recap – that crab place looks fun – makes me wish my 19 year old were 5 again (of course I wish that daily anyhow!)

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