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Want Cake?

There are few things in life that bring such joy as this….

Okay honestly there are many things in life that can bring the same joy, but it just sounded good!

But you will totally understand what I am talking about soon.  You know the morning I am referring to.  The one where you are at a loss as to what to do for breakfast.  Because today is pay day, aka grocery day, which means that you are down to the bare bones this morn….I mean really – bare!

Maybe some oats, no thanks nothing hot.  Kid cereal that the hubster insists on buying the boys, no thanks too much sugar for me.  Maybe some of those canned beans – really for breakfast? 

How about pancake mix – but no syrup!

Light bulb  moment here because you remember how very good you are at improvising.  So the pancake mix is pulled out of the pantry and you have……..

Cake for Breakfast!

112010 217

Who doesn’t like cake – for breakfast~!

  112010 216

Oh my how great this morning turned out.  That is until you actually have to go to the grocery store.  But that’s another story for another day.

At the moment I would rather just eat cake thankyouverymuch!

  • Pancakes
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly

Cook the desired number of pancakes that you want.  Go ahead eat six, I am not one to kiss and tell 🙂

Then mix some peanut butter and jelly together.  Spread it in between the pancakes.  Spread in on the top.  Smear it down the sides until it some what resembles a cake.  After all if my five year old decorates the cake, I am pretty sure this is what it would look like.

112010 218

Add some coconut on top for decoration.  Or leave it off if you choose.  Your stomach will not care. 

Drool over your breakfast as you photograph it.  The stomach was protesting.  I think the stomach thinks that photographs are over rated!

Finally dig in.  Enjoy every last bite. 

112010 219

Because unfortunately it will come to an end.  You will get to the bottom of things.  You will be saddened.  But rest assured there is more where this came from. 

Now gear up for groceries.  Oh yes you know the obstacle course that you must go through.  You know the act of congress it takes to avoid the center isles when your children are with you.  You know that you will have to make multiple apologies, turn red in the face, and threaten to with hold all treats for a week…..possibly two!

But it is okay because you had cake for breakfast 🙂

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