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Elvis would be proud

I would like to thank you all for your comments.  I truly look forward to reading each and every one of them!

Several of you readers have given me sort of a nick name.  One that I am honored to have.  One that I feel I need to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for giving me.  One that I hope I never fail to live up to!

Breakfast Queen 🙂


I have always wanted to be a princess since I was a little girl.  But a queen, I never even considered that in my childhood fantasies.  Little did I know that I would receive such a title in my 30’s – shhhhh I am still clinging to 28!

I am very honored that you guys have commented on me being the breakfast queen, and while I am sure that many others in blog land are queens of breakfast, I gladly share that title with them.  I would love to develop a have a breakfast cookbook published,  but unfortunately I have no idea where to even begin with that “dream”.  If any of you have tips for that just let me know, mmmkay!


Well this breakfast queen has done it again.  I have made a breakfast that even Elvis (the King) would be proud of! (and if you truly know me then you know that I am an Elvis fan)


Since you are “Always on My Mind” I have to share it with you guys!

 112010 221

Elvis Waffles

  • one box of Jiffy cornbread
  • banana
  • bacon slices
  • peanut butter
  1. Prepare the batter according to package directions, and cook on a waffle iron.
  2. Cook the bacon until crisp and brown
  3. Now the fun part!  Smear the waffle with peanut butter.  Place banana slices on the waffle, and top with bacon slices.

Like I said that “hound dog” would be proud!

112010 222

I have to give some credit to the wonderful Liz of I ❤ Vegetables.  She wrote a brunch post last week talking about one of her favorite things to serve for brunch.  That item was waffles made with jiffy cornbread.  Now I normally do not cook most things from a box, and this does contain sugar and other items I normally try to avoid.  But all things in moderation right!

112010 222

So “suspicious minds” were wondering……  I had to try this one on the hubster.  You see I have mentioned that jiffy is his favorite cornbread.  And while I have posted about a healthier, all natural recipe for this cornbread, I had to try it out on him.  Of course I was out of maple syrup on said night, so I had to compromise on toppings.  Thus the Elvis Waffle was born!  I must admit I “can’t help falling in love” with this creation.  Both of my favorites in one – sweet + savory = perfect meal

It is wonderful.  Go ahead and try it.  Make it for your loved one….I promise if “you’ve lost that loving feeling” this will get it back! Now “don’t be cruel” give them a second helping.  Because if you don’t share with them, you just may find yourself dining with others at the “heartbreak hotel”

Now if you will pardon me I need to get back to my “jailhouse rock”!

14 thoughts on “Elvis would be proud”

  1. YAY for rightfully claiming your title as Queen of all things breakfast! 🙂
    Okay, that looks delicious in a you have to try it kind of way, sweet and salty are my favs!!!
    I wonder if we can get that jiffy stuff in canada???
    I would pay lots of that cookbook – hint hint 🙂

  2. It kills me to see people eat waffles because they always look so good, but alas, I don’t have a waffle iron 😦 send me a waffle, will you, Breakfast Queen?

    Love Elvis!

  3. Mmm…I love everything about this! I’m a huge cornbread fan, and I LOVE pb and banana….never tried it with bacon though (I know it’s the classic Elvis combo). I also must commend you on the number of Elvis puns you got in here….very impressed!

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