Rustic yet Charming

As many of my friends know, I am not your typical crafty girl.  I mean I can hold my own – but no Martha Stewart am I.  Yet if I set my mind to accomplishing something I will keep at it until it is done.

I am one of those that can come up with a great idea, but I am probably not sure how to carry out the plan.  Or I can research something, see a picture, and formulate a plan.  That is why I love the internet.

People Who Make Stuff

I get lot’s of ideas from the internet.  Now I have a wonderful place where I can share some of those ideas.  Stephanie from Love-Life-Project is hosting a new link up party.  It is for people who make stuff! 

Lately I have been trying to complete some of my to do’s on the home decor list while saving as much as possible.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I would love to hire an interior designer to finish my home, a seamstress to make my drapes, and just pay someone to make/create my decorative pieces. 

That’s not feasible. I have two children.  I work for the public school system.  I have debt.  So I decided a while back recently to begin working on some of the things I need on my own.  Much to the hubsters delight this has saved us some moolah!     Case in point – painting the bathroom on my own!

112010 175  

Which is what brings me to the item of the day.  I needed a front door wreath.  I usually buy little flags/signs to hang on the door for the holiday, but  I hate them.  I only use them because they are cheap.  I really want a wreath – boy are those things pricey.  So I was determined to turn this into a DIY project. 

No let me give you a little background of my home.  The living room is the hubster’s domain.  It is rustic, country, etc.  I mean (no offense to anyone – please….) he is a hunter/fisherman.  I have fish and a deer mounted and hanging on the wall.  I beg to have them removed.  He refuses.  So we have to compromise.  I can’t change who he is?????

112010 173

So I keep the decor rustic.  Hence the brown distressed leather looking sofa/recliner we purchased.   So of course I want the door wreath to match the home.  After much deliberation I decided to use a twig wreath and add some feminine touches of my own.  Pop on a bow for some color, a few embellishments = new front door wreath!

112010 174

The best part, I can change out the wreath decorations season by season.  It is much easier to change bows and what not as opposed to a whole new wreath for every season/holiday!

I used a hair bow design to make the bow.  Don’t know how to make a hair bow??  Google it, tons of tutorials on the process, super easy, and they can be reused if you pack them in a box to keep them in tact.  I used floral wire or ribbon to tie on the items, that way I can change them out later.  Anything can be placed or wrapped around your wreath!

This makes the hubster happy – money saved 🙂


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