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Breakfast of Busy Moms

I have easily become addicted to quick breakfasts.

As a matter of fact, I enjoy quick breakfasts more now that I am home for the summer on break than I did when I was working.  What gives?

Maybe it is because I sleep in every morning and I am starving upon awakening.

Maybe it is because I am much busier in the mornings now than I was when I was working, after all the only thing to do while working was to dress and eat.

Maybe it is because when working I know that whatever I cook can be placed in a bowl to go and I can eat it once at my desk if need be.

Maybe it is because I have a busy morning full of errands, time spent in a car, with no time to really sit and eat until lunch time.

Or maybe it is just…..well heck, I have to admit, it is all of the above.  Whatever the reason I am  enjoying my breakfast of choice.

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Overnight Oats!  I love them.  They are perfect, quick (hello just grab a spoon and eat), cold, full of flavor, cold, creamy, did I mention cold?  In Louisiana heat that is a big plus!

This mornings bowl was a mixture of single serving of vanilla yogurt (a must for the best overnight oats), 1/2c oats, 1/2c almond milk, dash of cinnamon, handful of blueberries.

I dashed out the door a short hour later to go to my orthodontic appointment (mouth is sore, soft foods at the moment), pick the boys up, hit the grocery, and dash home in time to see the hubster off to his weekly fishing tournament!

So since I am a single lady tonight, which doesn’t require a cooked meal, I decided that breakfast was in order tonight as well!  The boys and I enjoyed blueberry oatmeal waffles.  This is your basic waffle recipe using oat flour.  Oat flour is simply oatmeal ground into flour 🙂 

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In the mix:

  • 1/4c oats, ground
  • 1/4c oats, whole
  • 1t baking powder
  • 2T flaxseed
  • dash of salt
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4c almond milk
  • few stevia drops
  • handful of bluberries

Simply mix all ingredients together and cook on you waffle iron!  No waffle iron…..make pancakes!  This was perfect.  It was simple, quick, and soft to chew 🙂

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I am off to enjoy being a single lady for the evening.  I will be back tomorrow with an exciting post!!

5 thoughts on “Breakfast of Busy Moms”

  1. Ohhh great idea – you SHOULD write a breakfast cookbook, you have all the best ideas 🙂
    I’m a single lady for a bit tonight and i’m cleaning out our kitchen, booooo! I’m just going to focus on all the great foods i can buy to fill up the new kitchen though 🙂

  2. I love how simple overnight oats are! The problem is I always forget to make them the night before, haha. The past couple of mornings I’ve been having greek yogurt + protein powder + blueberries + granola. Super quick, simple and protein packed! Woohoo!

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