Break’s Over

Guess what?….I’m back!! 

No shaking your heads at me.  I needed a break.  I mean come on hurt ankle, job switch, stress, etc.  I really just needed some head clearing time.  Thankfully that is what I had 🙂

So how was vacation you ask??  Fabulous.  We have actually been home from vacation for several days, but due to the holiday we still had big plans.  So I am going to share a little of vacation with you guys today since I haven’t been cooking much lately.  I have let the hubster deal with dinner.  After all he is the master of the grill!

Oh and I am dealing with this little guy here….


We had surgery this morning to remove P.E. tubes, patch ear drum, and remove a mole that was on his cheek next to his ear.  Super cute in hospital get up don’t ya think!

This of course is another reason that the hubster is handling dinner.  That and the fact that I am returning to the gym for the first time in weeks!  Yep, weeks!!  Between ball, ankle, vacay it has been a while.

So back to the mountains, mmmkay –

Here is our cabin, the kids favorite thing to do, and the view from the area!



Hangin at the cabin – smores, yummo!  Anyone need a recipe for that – inbox Kohl, he has a great one 🙂

112010 061

 112010 065 112010 066

112010 067 112010 068

The Park – lovely views but kinda boring for the kiddos.

 112010 072

Kohl caught a butterfly – I know it’s not good to catch butterflies, he didn’t know that, and this was just to darn cute not to capture a pic of 🙂

 112010 074

Small “waterfall” we stopped at for pics.

 112010 076 112010 077

Deer hunting with Dad – and yes they found one!

 112010 078 112010 079

Beautiful stream and mountain views

 112010 080 112010 081

Deer crossing in front of our car.  We actually saw this little girl coming across the field so we stopped – I mean pedestrians have the right of way – right??

 112010 082

There is a mill inside the park – cool place to visit, and it really works!  We were able to watch corn being made into cornmeal 🙂

 112010 084 112010 086

Kohl’s favorite thing – Nascar Speedpark.  Sorry no photos, I was too busy racing with this little guy on go carts!

 112010 088

My favortie – Ober Gatlinburg!


DSCN4828 DSCN4829

  A little ice skating – we didn’t last very long with this.  My ankle was not strong enough for it after a few rounds, and the kiddos kept falling.  We will try this again around Christmas 🙂

DSCN4841 DSCN4844 


On to the Ski lift!

DSCN4834  DSCN4839

The view from the very top of the mountain!  Gorgeous!!



Heading back down…..

 DSCN4857 DSCN4863  

This place was really cool.  It is a small amusement park with a few rides, a water slide, put put golf, arcade, a maze, just tons of things to do.  We spent an entire afternoon here and never had a dull or boring moment.  So worth the trip, and you can’t get better views than this 🙂

So that is a small summary of our vacation.  Of course we had food, fun, activities, and shopping.  If you have never been to The Great Smoky Mountains, I highly recommend a trip.  I love this place!

Oh and for a Louisiana gal – 90 degree temps but you can still wear ya jeans – I love that part the most!  Seriously, I would totally move there if the hubster would agree 🙂


For now a girl can dream right.  Oh and I have to go take care of my little man 🙂 

Back tomorrow with some yummy eats 🙂

4 thoughts on “Break’s Over”

  1. awwwwwwwww! He does look beyond adorable! Hope your little cutie is doing fabulous and hope your ankle is feeling better too!!!!! It looks like you guys had a wonderful fam vacation =) Can I come next time!? my fam doesnt take vacations! ❤

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