Upper Body Workout

I had to go to the doctor this morn.  The hubster insisted.  That could be due to the fact that I woke him up at midnight screaming and crying for him to take the brace off of my ankle.  Begging him to put me out of my misery.  Requesting Advil and ice.  He was convinced that someone couldn’t be in that much pain without a broken bone somewhere.

He wasn’t too pleased at having to wake up at midnight.  I wasn’t too pleased at having to wake up at midnight. 

I tried to ignore his request.  I dressed.  Made a somewhat decent breakfast.  Dressed the boys.  Drove them to school.  Made it to work. 

Only to have the work husband tell me to go to the doc as well.  Only to have the football coach tell me to go have an x-ray.  Only to have the P.E. coach tell me to go have an x-ray as well.  Because they all agreed that with it gradually worsening through the course of the evening/night, I could possibly have broken a bone.  What is it with the men in my life?

So I went to the walk in clinic during lunch.  Only to be told that I have a very ugly sprain….yeah that is what I thought this morning.  Thanks guys for scaring me into thinking I had broken my foot!   But on that note thank you God that I didn’t have a broken bone in my foot.

So I went back to work to pack up my things.  Instead I had someone else pack them for me.  After all I was super tired from my upper body workout…..   

112010 048

This is what I do after an all day upper body workout.  I have muscles aching that I didn’t know I had!

112010 047

This is what Noah does after an all day upper body workout to take advantage of the fact that momma can’t move very well!

112010 046

This is what Kohl does after an all day upper body workout to take advantage of the fact that momma can’t move very well!

112010 045

This is what my house looks like after an all day upper body workout due to an ankle injury…..I just don’t care!

But the kiddos are being very generous and helpful….

112010 039

Kohl gave me “permission” to use his penguin as a prop pillow….

112010 052

And he placed a lovely sticker of himself on my laptop….

They also helped me take photos of my lovely injury….

112010 041112010 040

Exhibit A – injured ankle (aka cankle)

112010 042

Exhibit B – normal ankle

112010 043

Exhibit C – normal vs. injured ankle

112010 044

Even my foot looks swollen!

My mode of transportation around the house….

 112010 049

My mode of transportation away from home = upper body workout…

 112010 050

Remember when you thought crutches were fun – yeah they’re not!  My muscles will be super sore once I am finished with these things.  Which I am hoping will be Thursday.  I leave for vacation on Sunday.  I was told I should be good to go by then.  Or as good as I can get in less than a weeks healing time.  I will still be required to wear my brace and rest my ankle, but the doctor thinks I can lose the crutches by then 🙂

Now I must wait for the hubster to come home.  He will need to cook dinner.  He will need to do laundry.  He will need to unload and reload the dishwasher. 

After all that is what he does after an upper body workout the chef/maid decides to take time off due to an ankle injury…

112010 038

That is what the chef/maid is doing at the moment.  I dare anyone to question her.  I dare anyone to ask her to do anything.  I dare the hubster to ignore household duties.

 112010 049

After all I have a pretty quick mode of transportation at home.  One that doesn’t require an upper body workout!


11 thoughts on “Upper Body Workout”

  1. Bummer. I have done this many times myself. The last time I rolled my ankle, I had a chiropractor adjust my ankle (I thought it was going to hurt so bad, but it didn’t) and I was able to walk around the next day! I was also able to get back to my normal routine within a couple of days as opposed to a couple of weeks.

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