Winner, Winner

You thought I forgot about you guys didn’t you?

Well, of course I would never forget that I was to pick one lucky winner for a small token of appreciation.  I used a very elite system to choose the winner.  The name of the system is…………….

blog photos 461


He decided that he really wanted to go with the number – 3!

Thanks so much for your assistance Noah (I was sure he would say one), Lauren of Lawfully Wedded Wife is the winner 🙂

Lauren please send me an email (helennaturally@gmail.com) with the address that your treat needs to be sent to, I will get it out to you this week! 

A great big thanks to all that read the blog, and to all of you that have helped to encourage me this week.  As of right now I will have to change schools (tear), I am not sure if this will change.  This is the last week of school so it is sure to be a tuff week for me.  I will have to say goodbye on Friday to all of my colleagues 😦


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