Queen of the Isle

Once upon a time there was a Queen.  She was the Queen of Isle Helen.

And on one lone day in the lovely Louisiana Isle Helen heat her air went out

This did not make the Queen happy

On that same day she had two visitors

112010 019

One named Mario & one named Woody

112010 020

They gave her a pineapple to try and cheer her

112010 021

This gave her a little bit of cheer but only a little

She was curious to know if they could help her, one was a plumber, the other a cowboy.  Neither knew a thing about air conditioning!

This did not make the Queen happy

 112010 018  

Then it was time for some much needed nutrition

112010 015

Who wants to cook with no air?

112010 013

So the Queen had a great idea

112010 016

It started with M and ended with m

112010 014

Mmmm Sauce (recipe here)

112010 017

Now this made the Queen happy

That and the fact that the AC man finally arrived!

That made the Queen ecstatic 🙂


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